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Malaysia-Malaysian Bar Legal Training Exchange Programme 2018 with Law Associations in China (August 2018)

Malaysian Bar Legal Training Exchange Programme 2018 with Law Associations in China (August 2018)


Circular No 130/2018
Dated 25 May 2018

To Members of the Malaysian Bar

Malaysian Bar Legal Training Exchange Programme 2018
with Law Associations in China (August 2018)

In the spirit of the good working relationship between the Malaysian Bar and the Guangxi Lawyers Association ("GXLA"), Guangdong Lawyers Association ("GDLA"), and Shenzhen Lawyers Association ("SZLA") cemented in the Memorandums of Understanding signed by the Malaysian Bar with each of the three law associations, on 10 Nov 2016, and 26 and 27 Apr 2018 respectively, the four law associations will organise the Legal Training Exchange Programme ("LTEP") 2018 in August 2018.

LTEP 2018 is a reciprocal legal training exchange programme for lawyers from both Malaysia and China, where eligible Members of the Malaysian Bar will be hosted by law firms in Guangxi, Guangdong, and Shenzhen.  Members from GXLA, GDLA and SZLA will also have the opportunity to be hosted by law firms in Peninsular Malaysia.

The dates for the exchange programme are as follows:

(1)    6–17 Aug 2018:  Participants from GXLA, GDLA and SZLA are hosted by law firms in Peninsular Malaysia; and

(2)    20–31 Aug 2018: Members of the Malaysian Bar are hosted by law firms in China.

About the Programme

A brief summary of the programme follows below:

(1)    LTEP 2018 is a law firm-based programme, with law firms in each country sending participants to, and receiving participants from, law firms in the other country.

(2)    Participation is limited to a maximum of only 18 Members from the Malaysian Bar, who will be placed in member firms of GXLA, GDLA, and SZLA.  Likewise, six participants from each of the three law associations will be placed in law firms in Peninsular Malaysia.

(3)    The language used in LTEP 2018 will be English.  However, knowledge of Mandarin would be advantageous.

(4)    Host law firms are responsible for formulating their own training programme, which will depend on the practice areas of the participants being hosted.

(5)    Participants are required to prepare a report on the training that they have undergone, and to submit it to their respective law associations on the final day of their training programme.


Participating Malaysian law firms are expected to bear the expenses for each participant they host, including the costs of accommodation, food, and training.  In addition, a sum of RM1,500 must be paid to the Bar Council to cover the costs of transportation on the day of arrival, accommodation for the first night (on twin-sharing basis), two lunches, and two dinners (welcome and farewell) which will be arranged by the Bar Council.

Participants from each country will pay for their own airfare, and local transport and incidental expenses.

How to Apply

If you are interested to participate, kindly register online here on or before 22 June 2018 (Friday).

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Kenneth Ang, Special Projects and International Liaison Director, by email at

Please ensure that you are able to commit to the programme dates, either as a participant or host, before registering.

Thank you.

Roger Chan Weng Keng
Malaysian Bar

This circular may also be accessed here.

Asean Law Alert

Asean Law Alert

Asean Law Alert by Asean LIP

25 May 2018
Ministers' Salary Cut proves Government's Seriousness in improving National Economy - CUEPACS
KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 (Bernama) - The 10-per cent reduction in the salary of Cabinet ministers as announced by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today is a smart move to improve the financial state of the country, said CUEPACS president Datuk Azih Muda.
Australian Granny's acquittal overturned, sentenced to Death for Drug Trafficking
PUTRAJAYA, May 24 (Bernama) - An Australian grandmother Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto was given the death penalty by the Court of Appeal here today for trafficking in 1142.8gm of methamphetamine which was stitched into the compartment of a backpack she was carrying.
Appointment of Pesticides Licensing Officers
This is to notify a rectification of an error in the Schedule to P.U. (B) 62 published on 27 January 2017.
A UM-MKMS Access to Law Initiative supported by the Asean Legal Community.

Malaysia-Invitation to Serve on Bar Council’s Panel of Solicitors

Invitation to Serve on Bar Council's Panel of Solicitors


Circular No 131/2018
Dated 25 May 2018

To Members of the Malaysian Bar
Invitation to Serve on Bar Council's Panel of Solicitors

In view of the increasing number of complaints and legal proceedings pursued or defended by the Bar Council over the past several years, the Bar Council seeks to expand its present panel of solicitors to represent the Bar Council whenever the need arises.

The Bar Council extends an invitation to you to be empanelled on its panel of solicitors.  Your duties as a panel solicitor will include:

(1)    handling legal proceedings involving the Bar Council and representing the Bar Council at hearings, including disciplinary proceedings;

(2)    holding watching briefs;

(3)    representing the Malaysian Bar as amicus curiae;

(4)    providing legal opinions;

(5)    assisting in the preparation of memoranda; and/or

(6)    acting as an intervener solicitor in intervention matters or proceedings.

In addition, we may also call upon you to assist in other areas from time to time, such as serving on adjudication panels to hear claims for compensation out of the Advocates and Solicitors Compensation Fund. 

No professional fees will be paid, but we will reimburse counsel for disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses reasonably incurred. 

If you are able to serve on Bar Council's panel of solicitors, kindly complete and submit the attached reply slip to the Bar Council by fax at 03-2034 2487, or by email at, on or before 29 June 2018 (Friday).

Please do not hesitate to contact Ravinderjit Kaur, Officer (03-2050 2149; or Saliha Hassan, Assistant Director (03-2050 2148; should you need further clarification.

Thank you.

Roger Chan Weng Keng
Malaysian Bar

If you are a registered user of the Malaysian Bar website, you may click here to access this circular.

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