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Malaysia-In a defamation suit, the burden is upon the respondent/plaintiff to prove whether the words refer to the respondent; whether the words are defamatory; and that the words are published

Malaysia-It is trite law that a police report made under s 107 of the Criminal Procedure Code by a complainant to the police is an absolutely privileged document

Malaysia-statutory defence of accident

Malaysia-It is settled law that the mere fact that a document is marked as an exhibit did not render such documents admissible until the content is properly proven

Malaysia-while the evidence of interested witnesses must be treated with caution, there is no rule of law requiring the trial judge to caution himself and make a specific ruling or finding on the credibility of such witnesses

Malaysia-there is no requirement under the Legal Profession Act, 1976 for a charge to be framed against an advocate and solicitor

Shariah Audit For Islamic Finance | 8 - 9 March 2016 - Register Now!

Malaysia-no shareholder has any rights over the company's assets right from the moment the company was incorporated right until the company meets its demise

Malaysia-Bar Malaysia as the governing body for the legal profession in West Malaysia, is empowered to bring civil action to seek legal redress, including injunctive relief against parties who act in contravention of the Legal Profession Act, 1976

Malaysia-Invitation to Attend Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan Training (Parts One and Two) in Selangor (5 Mar 2016)

Malaysia-Seminar on GST for the Malaysian Legal Community (2 Mar 2016)