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CLJ Bulletin #45/2015

Malaysia-Seminar on Strata Management Act 2013 and Regulations 2015 (17 Nov 2015)

Malaysia-Public Forum on Promoting Greater Police Accountability in Malaysia, Terengganu (16 Nov 2015)

Malaysia-Training Session on How to Conduct Cases under Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 and Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (13 Nov 2015)

Malaysia-Ad | Companies Bill 2015: Impact of New Laws on Winding Up of Companies & Corporate Insolvency (23 Nov 2015)

Malaysia-PRAKTIS PII Policy Made Easy Series #5: Your Contractual Obligation (Part 1)

Malaysia-RTS 2015 | Introduction to the Criminal Procedure Code, Perlis (12 Nov 2015)

Malaysia-Happy Deepavali from the Bar Council

Malaysia-Seminar on An Introduction to Islamic Finance (18 Nov 2015)

Accounting Workshops on (A) PERS, MPERS & MFRS Frameworks (B) Transit from PERS to MPERS

Law Reports for Sale

Malaysia-Briefing on Employees Provident Fund -- Contribution, Nomination and Withdrawal (6 Nov 2015)