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A Workshop on MALAYSIAN LABOUR LAWS ( 20 & 21 October 2015 )

A Workshop on MALAYSIAN LABOUR LAWS ( 20 & 21 October 2015 )

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                                           Malaysian Labour Laws
Date     :    20 & 21 October 2015 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
                                                                             Time    :    9.00 am - 5.00 pm
                                                                             Venue  :    Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

           *Register by 21 September to get a complimentary copy of the Employment and Industrial Relations Law Malaysia worth RM188 (Excl. GST)

Employment and Industrial Relations Law Malaysia allows readers to understand and grasp the law, principles and practice underpinning the complex
Malaysian labour system. Featuring discussions on pertinent issues that HR professionals face in their day-to-day work, this resource also focuses on
compliance and practice, serving as a useful guide for industry practitioners.

                                          WHO SHOULD ATTEND

Ø  Human Resource Managers/Executives
Ø  Industrial Relations Managers/Executives
Ø  General Managers

The Employment Act 1955 forms the basis of employment contracts between employer and employee. The Industrial Relations Act 1967 deals with unfair dismissals. The domestic inquiry is compulsory in cases of major misconduct and dismissals.

CCH Executive Events presents a 2-day workshop that gives you a practical understanding of the main provisions of the Employment Act 1955 and the relevant areas of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 (both updated). It also shows how a domestic inquiry should be conducted to achieve a fair and equitable approach to disciplinary action.

Delivered in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner and with as little legal jargon whenever possible, you will learn how to deal with all the basic legal matters related to employee relations. Learn to:
• Draw up legal employment contracts under Malaysian law
• Take equitable disciplinary action under the law
• Carry out an equitable domestic inquiry acceptable to the Industrial Court
• Avoid legal problems in applying the laws and deciding on dismissals and constructive dismissals

Through case studies, interactive discussions and practical exercises, complex issues will be broken down into easy to comprehend principles to enable you to understand the law and avoid the pitfalls.


ü  Review the procedures for handling misconduct, termination and disputes
ü  Practical Pointers on how to structure the employment contract in compliance with the law
ü  Insights into drafting essential employment terms and issues involved in drafting effective provisions


• What is the Employment Act 1955?
• Who is protected under the EA 1955?
• Types of employment contracts
• What is the Industrial Relations Act 1967?
• Who is protected under the IR Act 1967?

Normal Hours and Overtime (OT) Entitlements
• Normal working hours & days of work
• OT Rates

Annual Leave/Public Holidays (PH)/Rest Days and OT Entitlements
• Number of annual leave days
• Number of rest days and PH
• OT rate for rest days and PH

Sick Leave Entitlement
• Number of sick leave days
• Conditions for sick leave

Maternity Protection
• Maternity leave entitlement
• Conditions for maternity allowance

Wages Administration
• Authorised deductions
• Limit in deductions
• Modes of payment

Misconduct and Warnings
• What is misconduct?
• Major and minor misconduct
• Issuing cautions and warnings
• Charge sheet
• Suspension letters

• Circumstances for termination and retrenchment
• Notice period for termination/retrenchment
• Compensation for termination and retrenchment

The Domestic Inquiry and Disciplinary Action
• Who sits on the panel?
• Rights of employer and employee
• How to carry out the Domestic Inquiry
• Writing the Inquiry Report
• Types of disciplinary action

Case Law: Precedents and Principles Set by Industrial Court Case
• Dismissal by employer
• Constructive dismissal
• Who is a workman?
• Unfair dismissal


Cyril Pagadala comes with many years of real hands-on work experience in Human Resource Management, Industrial/Employee Relations and Payroll Management. His work experience covers various industries such as banking, manufacturing, hospitality and other service industries. He has worked for local and multinationals in both small and large companies. Before he went into training, he was the Director of Human Resource & Administration of a group of companies. He has gone through the whole gamut of HRM functions and during this period has had to deal with a lot of legal issues. One of his main functions has been to prepare the payroll according to Malaysian law in the various companies he worked with. He is therefore familiar with all the problems and challenges faced by management and problems posed by employees. Cyril is a serious trainer. He delivers and facilitates the programme in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willingly shares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide many simple solutions to work challenges.


Fee includes workshop materials, certificate of attendance, lunch and refreshments.

Early Bird ( By 21 September 2015 )
CCH Executive Events Corporate Member/
CCH Subscriber                                     :        RM 1,696.00
Non-Subscriber                                     :        RM 1,908.00

Regular Fee
CCH Executive Events Corporate Member/
CCH Subscriber                                     :        RM 1,908.00
Non-Subscriber                                     :        RM 2,120.00

* Prices are inclusive of 6% GST

This workshop is HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan and to sign up, please complete the registration form attached and scan to e-mail back to me.

Do contact me anytime for further clarification and assistance. 

Thanks & regards,

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Malaysia-Seminar on Forensic Science (5 Sept 2015)

Seminar on Forensic Science (5 Sept 2015)

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Malaysia-Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar (12 September 2015)

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar (12 September 2015)


Circular No 177/2015
Dated 25 August 2015
To Members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils in chambers
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar (12 September 2015)
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to section 65(1) of the Legal Profession Act 1976 ("LPA"), the Bar Council will convene an Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM") of the Malaysian Bar, as follows:
Date:      12 September 2015 (Saturday)
Time:     10:00 am
Venue:   Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Convention Centre, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
(1)        To discuss matters pertaining to, and if deemed fit, to pass one or more motions with regard to:
(a)        the interference with the investigation into the flow of funds from SRC International Sdn Bhd (a former subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad, "1MDB"), and the transfer of RM2.6 billion into the Prime Minister's private bank accounts, both of which have been widely reported, and all other matters in connection therewith; and
(b)        the steps that the Malaysian Bar can and should take to affirm and preserve the rule of law, uphold the Federal Constitution, and prevent the administration of justice from being perverted, and all other matters in connection therewith; and
(2)        Any other matters.
The motion(s) will be circulated to Members in due course.
We take this opportunity to remind Members that under section 65(5) of the LPA, if any Member of the Malaysian Bar desires to propose any motion to be considered at the said EGM, the Member shall, "not less than seven days before the date of the meeting serve upon the Secretary of the Malaysian Bar notice of such motion in writing".
In accordance with sections 65(4A) and 65(4B) of the LPA, the quorum shall be 500 Members of the Malaysian Bar, and the EGM shall be dissolved if a quorum is not present by 11:00 am.
Please note that you will be required to produce your National Registration Identity Card ("NRIC") or driver's licence in order to register your attendance for the EGM.
We would like to draw your attention to sections 44 and 46(5) of the LPA, which read as follows (emphases added):
Section 44 All members who are not in arrears with their subscription under section 46 shall be eligible—
(a) to attend and vote at any general meeting;
(b) subject to section 46A, to be elected to the Bar Council; and
(c) to vote on the election of members to the Bar Council.
Section 46(5) Liability to pay any annual subscription to the Malaysian Bar shall arise when the subscription has been fixed by the Bar Council. All annual subscriptions to the Malaysian Bar shall be paid by the 30th day of June of each year.
Under the Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") Scheme, you will earn one CPD point for attending the EGM.
Members are urged to make every effort to attend the EGM so that the issues on the agenda may be effectively discussed by as many Members as possible.
We look forward to your presence and participation at the EGM on 12 September 2015 (Saturday).
Thank you.

Karen Cheah Yee Lynn
Malaysian Bar

(1)        Members are kindly requested to make every effort to attend the meeting punctually to ensure a quorum of 500.
(2)        Registration counters will open from 8:30 am.  Light refreshments will be served.
(3)        All Members and pupils in chambers shall, upon registering their names, wear the designated wristbands for the purpose of admission.
(4)        Pupils in chambers may attend but shall not vote, and shall be seated only at the area(s) designated for them.
(5)        For information on preferential hotel corporate rates secured by the Bar Council, please refer to the current list, which can be downloaded from the scroll box located on the top right-hand section of the Malaysian Bar website at
This circular may also be accessed here.


Malaysia-Talk : 'Criminal Advocacy By Mr Athimulan And On Civil-Drafting Pleadings By Mr Krishna Dallumah''

Talk : 'Criminal Advocacy By Mr Athimulan And On Civil-Drafting Pleadings By Mr Krishna Dallumah''

10th August, 2015
Note : Book on 'Drugs Trafficking And The Law' by Hisyam Teh Poh Teik is available for RM295.00 at the secretariat.

[Download PDF]

Online Registration Link [URL Link]

Thank you.

Selangor Bar Committee.


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