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Malaysia-Talk : 'Judicial Review & Recent Developments'

Talk : 'Judicial Review & Recent Developments'

19th June, 2015

* Take Note Change Of Time : 4.00pm - 6.00pm

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Malaysia-A GST Workshop - Resolving Complexities in Accounting for GST ( 7, 8 & 9 September 2015 )

A GST Workshop - Resolving Complexities in Accounting for GST ( 7, 8 & 9 September 2015 )

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                           Resolving Complexities in Accounting for GST
Date     :    7, 8 & 9 September 2015 (Monday-Wednesday)
          Time    :    9.00 am - 5.00 pm
          Venue  :    Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

                        WHO SHOULD ATTEND

ü  CFO's and Financial Controllers
ü  Tax Managers and Tax Consultants
ü  Chartered Accountants, Advisors and Auditors
ü  Company Secretaries and Business Consultants
ü  Professionals and Staff involved in preparing for the implementation of GST
ü  All accounting staff engaged in preparing accounting records for GST registered companies

The key to a successful implementation of GST in an organisation is to complete the monthly or quarterly GST-03 returns without errors or mistakes in view of the severe penalties which could be imposed as a consequence. The first step towards achieving this goal is to translate all of the principles of GST in Malaysia into correct accounting treatment. The accounting must comply in all respects with Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS) and Private Entity Reporting Standards (PERS).

Whilst Customs approved accounting software is essential for accounting for GST, the software itself will not guarantee the production of correct information for GST-03 if the entries relating to input tax, output tax, GST relating to advances, bad debts relief, imported goods and services, blocked input tax, apportionment of input tax for mixed supply, to name some of them, are incorrectly treated in the accounting entries. GST tax codes also play a pivotal role in classifying the accounting entries correctly in the GST-03 returns as well as the GAF (GST Audit File).

CCH Executive Events presents a comprehensive course that aims to bring to you a good working knowledge of accounting for Malaysian GST in a wide variety of businesses and industries, including application of recommended GST codes and completion of monthly or quarterly GST-03 returns.


ü  Obtain a good overview of the Malaysian GST accounting requirements with clear step by step explanations
ü  Learn the principles involved in accounting under MFRS and PERS and translate them into GST based transactions
ü  Each accounting transaction comes with full explanation of the related GST rules – an excellent revision on GST!
ü  Get a good understanding of the Customs recommended tax codes and its application
ü  Get a detailed insight into actual day-today transactions in a typical GST registered business
ü  Learn the GST documentation required, the accounting records and GST Returns – GST-03
ü  Understand the requirements of the GST Act 2014 and GST Regulations 2014 on GST Analysis Reports and GAF file


Preparing for GST Accounting
• An overview of GST Accounting incorporating principles of MFRS and PERS – the approved accounting policies in Malaysia
• Setting up a conventional chart of accounts and GST chart of accounts – the differences
• GST vs Income Tax – understanding their respective impacts

Accounting for GST Transactions
• Accounting system requirements
• The mechanism by which GST is imposed – input tax, output tax, input tax credits
• GST recording – transactions inclusive and exclusive of GST
• Incorporation of the 23 GST tax codes into the respective accou

GST transactions for Sales and Other Income (Supply)
• Sales and the issue of tax invoices – cash and credit transactions
• Export sales and out of scope sales
• Returns of goods and price adjustments through Debit & Credit Notes
• Bad debts relief and recovery and bad debts written off
• Rental income – residential (exempt supply) and commercial (taxable supply)
• Sundry income
• Dealing with advances received and manufactured goods delivered 3 months later and balance paid – the accounting for GST and issuance of invoices for advance and balance
• Deemed supply
§  Disposal of fixed assets used in business
§  Imported services
§  Goods transferred in satisfaction of a debt
§  Private use of business assets
§  Gifts costing more than RM500
• Transactions to and from Designated areas and Malaysia
• Transactions with overseas customers
§  Sales to overseas customers but delivery in Malaysia
§  Sales to overseas customer and delivery to Licences Manufacturing Warehouse
§  Delivery to overseas customer in stages

GST transactions for Purchases (Acquisitions)
• Supplier's trade invoices and adjustments via Debit and Credit Note
• Purchases from unregistered suppliers Sundry purchase transactions and blocked input tax
• Non-payment of amounts due to suppliers in 6 months – repayment of input tax and subsequent reversal
• Imported goods and services
• Purchases relating to Exempt Supply
• Purchases from overseas supplier delivered to local customer

GST and Non-GST transactions for Expenses
• Salaries, wages and EPF, rental, utilities
• Entertainment – customers and staff, potential customers and staff family day etc.
• Provision for bad debts and bad debts written off
• Insurance expenses – distinguish between allowable and blocked input tax
• Motor vehicle maintenance – distinguish between passenger motor vehicles and others
• Operating leases - leasing of machinery and other assets
• Other expenses – depreciation, impairment, exchange gains or losses etc.

Fixed Assets, Inventory and Liabilities
• Purchase of fixed assets in cash and on hire purchase or long term credit
• Disposal of fixed assets, trade-ins, damaged and unusable assets scrapped
• Inventory – perpetual inventory and periodic (or year-end) inventory
• Obsolete inventory and inventory disposed at marked down values
• Liabilities – loan repayments and operating lease payments

Group Transactions – Group Registration and Non Registration
• Intercompany transactions
• Advances, loans and payments on behalf
• Management fees and other charges
• Purchase and Sales of Investments – Shares and Bonds
• Dividends received and dividends paid
• Hedging transactions – dealing with Derivatives

Second Hand Car Dealer – Margin Scheme
• Transactions for purchase of second-hand vehicles
• Sales of second-hand vehicles under "Margin Scheme" and "Normal Method"
• Transactions between second-hand car dealers – business to business

Mixed Supplies Transactions
• Taxable supply business providing staff quarters with rental charged – applying the de-minimis rule in accounting
• Property development activities – developer with commercial and residential properties
   –   complete accounting and GST impact on progress billings, retention sums, time of supply, liquidated and ascertained damages and rectification works, payments
        to sub-contractors and nominated sub-contractors, application of the apportionment rules for input tax claims and tax codes, etc.
• GST Accounting for joint venture arrangements between developer and property owner under various schemes
-      payment in completed units, joint sharing of profits etc. Determining the time of supply in such transactions for accounting purposes and MFRS 201 requirements
• Accounting for passenger transportation and goods delivery – accounting for input tax recoveries
• Accounting for Capital Goods Adjustments for mixed suppliers
§  Example on plant and machinery
§  New office building for mixed supply

Adjustments to GST
• Correction of errors made in GST Returns
• Changes due to errors in the description of supply
• Adjustments due to apportionment errors and longer period adjustments for apportionment
• Adjustment of transitional Sales Tax claim on supplies spanning GST

GST Returns and GST Analysis Reports
• GST-03 Monthly/Quarterly Returns – learn how to complete GST-03
• Requirement to produce GST Analysis Reports
• The GAF (GST Audit File)


J Selvarajah
ACA(E&W); CA(NZ); CPA(Aust); CA(M); ACTIM; FIPA(Aust); B.Com(Acc)NZ.

J Selvarajah is currently actively involved in implementation of GST for clients as well providing numerous Malaysian GST training sessions in collaboration with various professional organisations and corporations in Malaysia as well as in Singapore. He has also successfully completed the training in Goods & Services Tax conducted by senior officers of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. He is a senior partner of a well-established professional practice in Kuala Lumpur which is a member of an international network of accounting and consulting firms with more than 400 professional staff and partners. His work experience in public practice and consultancy spans a period of 44 years. He is also a regular trainer on financial reporting standards in Malaysia as well as on Corporate Frauds. J Selvarajah holds a B.Com. majoring in Accounting from New Zealand, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, CPA (Australia); the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, and a member of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia. He is also a PSMB (HRDF) Certified Trainer.


Fee includes workshop materials, certificate of attendance, lunch and refreshments.

Early Bird ( By 7 August 2015 )    :           RM2,671.20

Regular Fee                                      :           RM2,968.00

* Prices are inclusive of 6% GST

This workshop is HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan and to sign up, please complete the registration form attached and scan to e-mail back to me
or fax to 03-2026 2093.

Do contact me anytime for further clarification and assistance. 

Thanks & regards,

Sarah Abdullah
Senior Events Consultant 

Commerce Clearing House (M) Sdn Bhd
Level 26, Menara Weld
No. 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
D   :  +603 2024 8608
F    :  +603 2026 2093
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