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Malaysia-Public Forum | Prevention of Terrorism Act 2015: (Revival of ISA?) and Amendments to Sedition Act 1948 (16 May 2015)

Malaysia-Arahan Pentadbiran Berkenaan Pengendalian Kes-Kes Jenayah Jalanan Secara "Fast-Track" Di Mahkamah Rendah Malaya

Malaysia-Talk on Technology for Law Firms: Revised to Cover GST Accounting (12 May 2015)

Malaysia-Risk Management for Staff Workshop, Kedah (28 May 2015)

Malaysia-Regulatory and Business Briefing on Management of Contaminated Land in Malaysia (2 June 2015)

Malaysia-Talk on International Law: Sources and Enforcement of International Law (21 May 2015)

Malaysia-Malaysia GST Compliance Conference - Unraveling Post-Implementation Complexities ( 8 & 9 July 2015 )

Malaysia-Press Release | Right to Peaceful Assembly Rendered Illusory by Arbitrary Arrests and Oppressive Remand Orders

Malaysia-Updating Email Address

Malaysia-Ad | A Look into KL Eco City's Game-Changing Features

Malaysia-Invitation To Serve The Publication Sub-Committee

Malaysia-Talk on The Rule of Law: A Challenged Tradition (25 May 2015)

Malaysia-Selangor Bar Member's Night 2015

Malaysia-Invitation to Attend Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan Training (Part Three) in Perlis (30 and 31 May 2015)

Malaysia-Invitation To Serve The Publication Sub-Committee

Malaysia-Invitation to attend Legal Training Workshop : Child & Youth Justice System within the Malaysian Legal System.

Malaysia-Registration Closed For The Talk on 15th May 2015 by Ms Honey Tan Lay Ean