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Malaysia-TOM CLANCY UNDER FIRE Coming June 16th!


Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy Under Fire Coming June 16th!

Tom Clancy Under Fire
A Jack Ryan Jr Novel

By Grant Blackwood

On a routine intelligence gathering mission in Tehran, Jack Ryan, Jr., has lunch with his oldest friend, Seth Gregory. The next day Jack is summoned to an apartment where two men claim Seth has disappeared—gone to ground with funds for a vital intelligence operation. Jack's oldest friend has turned, they insist. Read more>>

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Tehran, Iran

BE CAREFUL how you spend your time. You never get it back.

Of all the lessons he'd learned from his father, this one truly resonated with Jack Ryan, Jr.—no small feat, as he'd received the advice as a teenager with little more on his mind than girls and football games. Go figure, Jack thought.

In this case, with his lunch appointment predictably late, Jack was playing a round of "watch the watchers," a game introduced to him by John Clark. His location, Chaibar, an outdoor café on a quiet Tehran side street, made the game more challenging. Nestled in the courtyard garden of a renovated villa, Chaibar was full of couples and small groups seated at wroughtiron tables. Jack caught glimpses of muted flowered murals behind potted plants and hanging vines. Overhead, boughs cast the courtyard in dappled sunlight. While most of the murmured voices were speaking in Arabic or Persian, Jack also caught snippets of French and Italian.

The premise of "watch the watchers" was a simple one: He's in the field for Hendley Associates, aka The Campus. He's under surveillance. But by whom? If you're largely unfamiliar with the nuances of casual Iranian interaction, how do you spot that one pair of eyes paying too much attention to you, or someone whose mannerisms are out of sync with the surroundings? With this checklist in mind, Jack studied faces, body language, banter between this couple, or forced banter among that group.

Nothing, Jack thought. None of Chaibar's patrons set off alarms for him. In real life, a good thing; for the purposes of this game, not so much.

"Pardon, sir. Another coffee, please?"

Jack glanced up. His waitress was a petite twentysomething woman in black-rimmed glasses, her hair completely covered by a light blue scarf. Her English was heavily stilted.

She wore no hijab. Perhaps Kamran Farahani wasn't simply giving lip service to his administration's moderate platform. Hell, even a year ago Chaibar might have been subject to a police raid; to the previous government, coffee shops were incubators for youthful subversives.

Jack glanced down at his empty cup. The shop's version of coffee made a Starbucks dark roast seem like weak tea.

"No, thank you, two is enough for me. Hopefully my guest will . . ."

As if on cue, over his waitress's shoulder, Jack saw a man with wild, curly black hair walking into the courtyard, his head turning this way and that. There was no mistaking that mop.

"Here he is," Jack told her, raising his hand to get the man's attention. "Give us a couple minutes."

"Of course, sir."

The man walked over to the table. Jack stood up, the iron legs of his chair scraping on the cobblestones. They shook hands, shared a quick bear hug, then sat down.

"Sorry I'm late, Jack."

"I'm used to it. What would a lunch be with an on-time Seth Gregory?"

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Malaysia-Invitation to attend Legal Training Workshop : Child & Youth Justice System within the Malaysian Legal System.

Invitation to attend Legal Training Workshop : Child & Youth Justice System within the Malaysian Legal System.

30th April 2015



Thank you,

Selangor Bar Committee


Malaysia-CCH Workshop - GST for Property Development Activities ( 23 & 24 June 2015 )

CCH Workshop - GST for Property Development Activities ( 23 & 24 June 2015 )

If this workshop does not relate to you, kindly assist to forward to the relevant people.

                         GST for Property Development Activities 
    Date    :    23 & 24 June 2015 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
             Time    :    9.00 am - 5.00 pm
             Venue  :    Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

                                                WHO SHOULD ATTEND

Ø  CFO's, Financial Controllers, COO's, CEOs and Managing Directors of property development companies
Ø  GST Consultants and Tax Practitioners
Ø  Chartered Accountants, Advisors and Auditors
Ø  Company Secretaries and Business Consultants
Ø  Professionals and Staff involved in preparing for the implementation of GST
Ø  Members of the public who wish to learn about Malaysian GST on property development contracts

GST is now a reality in Malaysia with its implementation from 1 April 2015. CCH Executive Events presents a 2-day workshop designed especially for the real estate and property development industries which involve main contractors, sub-contractors involved in the construction of residential, commercial, industrial and other related buildings. Get a good understanding of the application of GST for the property development industries including complex issues such as determining the time of supply, the input tax claimable, retention monies, joint ventures, liquidated damages and many more. By the end of the workshop you will learn how to deal with:

ü  Complexities in the supply of commercial and residential properties, including serviced apartments and shop houses used partially for commercial and partially for residential
ü  Progress payments, input and output tax, tender deposits and bad debts
ü  Issues of forfeiture sums, variances in area sold, restrictions in contra adjustments
ü  GST issues relating to the supply of imported labour which the industry relies heavily on


ü  Understand the application of GST for property development activities
ü  Obtain a good working knowledge of the supplies that are subject to GST in property development activities and township development,
supply of car parks, club house, dealing with booking fees joint ventures between landowners and developers, etc.
ü  Understand the treatment of input tax credit, partial exemption and apportionment bases
ü  Understand the treatment of GST on retention monies, rectification works and liquidated damages
ü  Learn the basics of Capital Goods Adjustments for capital assets used in the building site
ü  Address the accounting and tax codes for GST 03 submissions


GST and the Malaysian Property Development Sector
• GST and property development activities – what constitutes supply of goods
• Leases, tenancy, easements and licences to occupy land
• Property under construction and progress payments – determining the time of supply

Registration of A Property Developer
• Residential, commercial and industrial supply – who is liable to be registered

Taxable Supplies
• Supplies that are subject to GST in the real estate industry
• Surrender of land to government or state authority
• Transfers of substations, sewerage treatment plant and water tanks to service providers
• Interest on late payment and conversion premiums
• Supply of renovation, furniture air conditioners etc. given free for residential houses
   – the GST impact on such taxable supplies on residential properties
• Time of supply for progressive billings and at transfer stage
• Time of supply – architects/consultants certificate issued and progress billings issued after 21 days
   – how to determine time of supply

Property Developer and Land Owner Joint Venture
• Joint venture in development – developer and land owner – GST treatment and time of supply
• Understanding the various types of land development agreements and payment modes, and
   grasping the impact of and liability to GST on such arrangements

Input Tax Credit and Partial Exemption
• Dealing with input tax credit for mixed development – how much can be recovered and basis of recovering
• Attribution of input tax to taxable supplies – standard and alternative apportionment methods
• Residual input tax and De minimis rule
• Longer period adjustment for input tax claim
• Applying the De minimis rule in a taxable period, in a longer period and for incidental exempt supplies
• Adjustment of input tax over-deducted or under-deducted due to change in use
• Input tax on landscaping, roads, school, police station and public amenities in a mixed development
   – how to claim input tax and proportion calculation
• Input tax on retention sums and liquidated damages

Capital Goods Adjustment – for Mixed Supply
• What is Capital Goods Adjustment (CGA)
• Type and value of capital goods
• Tax year, adjustment period and intervals
• Working out and accounting for CGA – examples and workings

Transitional Period Issues – pre GST to post GST
• Determination of liability to GST on contracts and joint venture arrangements signed before 1 April, 2015
• Contracts spanning pre GST and post GST – development of different phases
• Construction spanning GST – building commenced before GST and completed after GST
   – calculation of value of building for GST purposes
• Property sold before GST, completed after GST and interior design work and equipment installation such as air conditioning after GST

Abandonment of Project
• Tax invoice issued after abandonment – GST issues
• Tax Invoice issued, output tax claimed and purchaser refuses to pay

Poor Sales and Developer Uses Part of Constructed Property
• Dealing with input tax claimed during the construction and sales (of property sold) period and now for own use, or for rental purposes
• Transferring inventory of buildings to investment property – dealing with GST impact

Supply of workers to contractors, payments to sub-contractor on behalf of main contractor by developers
• Dealing with the supply of workers or materials to contractors that are set off with billings from contractors for work done and the GST impact
• Payments to sub-contractors on behalf of main contractors – understanding the GST impact

Other Matters
• Dealing with forfeiture sums, variance in area sold, restrictions in contra adjustments, car park billings, deposits received for water and electricity supply
   and quit rent and assessment

Accounting for Property Development Activities for GST 03 Submission
• Tax codes relevant to construction and property development activities for GST 03 submission
• Application of tax codes in accounting for property development activities under MFRS and MPERS


J Selvarajah
ACA(E&W); CA(NZ); CPA(Aust); CA(M); ACTIM;
FIPA(Aust); B.Com(Acc)NZ.

J Selvarajah, is a senior partner of a well-established professional practice in Kuala Lumpur which is a member of an international network of accounting and consulting firms with more than 300 partners and professional staff. J Selvarajah is currently involved in the implementation of GST for clients in collaboration with a major software company listed on Bursa Malaysia, as well as for SME clients. He has also undergone the 10 day training in Goods & Services Tax conducted by senior officers of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. He has 44 years of work experience in public practice particularly in the areas of financial reporting for public and private entities, internal audits, corporate governance and risk assessments, external audits, company secretarial practice and fraud prevention.


Fee includes workshop materials, certificate of attendance, lunch and refreshments.

Early Bird ( By 25 May 2015 )
CCH Executive Events Corporate Member/
CCH Subscriber                                     :        RM 2,035.20
Non-Subscriber                                     :        RM 2,289.60

Regular Fee
CCH Executive Events Corporate Member/
CCH Subscriber                                     :        RM 2,289.60
Non-Subscriber                                     :        RM 2,544.00

* Prices are GST inclusive

This workshop is HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan and to sign up, please complete the registration form attached and scan to e-mail back to me
or fax to 03-2026 2093.

Do contact me anytime for further clarification and assistance. 

Thanks & regards,

Sarah Abdullah
Senior Events Consultant 

Commerce Clearing House (M) Sdn Bhd
Level 26, Menara Weld
No. 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
D   :  +603 2024 8608
F    :  +603 2026 2093
E    :


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