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Malaysia-Malaysian Bar-Korean Bar Association Young Lawyers Exchange Programme

Malaysian Bar-Korean Bar Association Young Lawyers Exchange Programme


Circular No 250/2013
Dated 22 Nov 2013
To Members of the Malaysian Bar

Malaysian Bar-Korean Bar Association Young Lawyers Exchange Programme
During its visit to the Bar Council on 5 July 2013, the Korean Bar Association ("KBA") and the Bar Council jointly organised a forum aimed at young lawyers.
On the same occasion, both the Bar associations signed a two-year extension of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"), initially signed on 10 Oct 2011.  The MOU is premised on initiatives and efforts that promote and maintain close cooperation between the two Bar associations, for the benefit of the lawyers they represent.
One of the first programmes to be embarked on, in the spirit of the MOU, is the newly mooted Young Lawyers Exchange Programme ("YLEP"), which was announced at an event following the forum on 5 July 2013.
The following are the preliminary features of the YLEP:
(1) It is an exchange programme for members of the two Bars, where young lawyers from the Malaysian Bar will be posted to selected South Korean law firms and vice versa;
(2) The duration of the programme will be approximately two weeks for each batch.  The first segment under this programme will commence towards the second quarter of 2014;
(3) Each Bar will invite participation from its member firms to host exchange lawyers from the other Bar;
(4) Member firms will act as sponsors of their own lawyers whom they nominate as participants, and will bear all costs directly associated with the programme (details on this aspect will be shared with interested firms in due course); and
(5) The programme will cover aspects of legal and court systems, selected areas of practice, the role of information technology in reshaping the legal landscapes in Malaysia and South Korea, and the roles, responsibilities and operations of both Bars.
The Bar Council invites your esteemed firm to participate as a host for YLEP, and to nominate suitable candidates for this programme by writing in to by 15 Jan 2014 (Wednesday).  
For further information or enquiries, kindly contact Kenneth Ang, Special Projects Director, by email at or by telephone at 03-2050 2014. 
Thank you.
Steven Thiru
Malaysian Bar

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