A Comprehensive Explanation On The Processes, Forms & Precedents
Author: Lai Chee Hoe
About the book
Strata Management Practice & Procedure is a book which serves as a tool of reference and quick guide for those involved in the practical and procedural aspects of this area of law. The salient topics and contents covered in this book provide a step-by-step guide in understanding the functions and statutory duties carried out by the Developer and Management Bodies involved in the day-to-day tasks of adhering to the relevant rules and regulations governing strata management. The Strata Management Act 2013, the Strata Titles Act 1985, the Strata Management (Maintenance and Management) Regulations 2015 and the Strata Management (Compounding of Offences) Regulations 2019 are some of the important legislation addressed in this book. The development of case laws, checklists, standard templates and relevant forms, including sample resolutions to be tabled at a general meeting, sample tribunal forms and various tables are provided in this book.  The ISBN no: 978-967-457-141-2 (Softcover) and 984 pages

Table of Contents
• Overview
• Before The Formation Of The Joint Management Body
• Establishment Of The Joint Management Body
• Strata Management Before Existence Of Management Corporation – Developer's Preliminary Management Period
• Establishment Of A Management Corporation
• Subsidiary Management Corporation And Limited Common Property
• Recovery Of Sums By Attachment Of Movable Property
• Maintenance Account & Sinking Fund
• General Duties Of A Proprietor
• Managing Agent Or Property Manager
• Insurances
• Enforcement
• Inter-floor Leakage And Damage To Party Wall
• General Meetings Related Issues
• Strata Management Tribunal
• Definitions Of Words And Terms
• Sample Resolutions
• Sample Letters
• Sample Letters To Purchaser, Parcel Owner And Proprietor
• Sample Letters To The Commissioner Of Buildings
• Sample Management Agreement
• Sample Forms For General Meeting
• Forms And Schedules (Strata Management Act 2013)
• Forms And Schedules Strata Management (Maintenance And Management) Regulations 2015
• Forms And Schedules Strata Management (Strata Management Tribunal) Regulations 2015
• Forms And Schedules Strata Titles Act 1985
• Forms And Schedules Strata Management (Compounding Of Offences) Regulations 2019

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