Malaysia-Animals: Blue-eyed coyotes, birds that fly for months, and more

Animals: Blue-eyed coyotes, birds that fly for months, and more

Plus: A man was caught with 5,000 leeches in his luggage.
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In this edition: Good news for the world's loneliest frog, a documented case of mutant coyotes, and luggage stuffed with leeches. Read this week's top animals stories.
      Old Blue Eyes     
Mutant blue-eyed coyotes are spreading through California
Five coyotes with baby blues, an eye color not seen elsewhere, were photographed in California—suggesting the rare trait is proliferating.
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      Frog Love     
'World's loneliest frog,' Romeo, gets new mate
New photographs reveal the critically endangered amphibians, which are native to a single stream in Bolivia.
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      Catch A Drift     
Sea cucumbers balloon up to zoom around the ocean
Despite their slug-like reputation, these squishy creatures can actually zip along for miles on ocean currents.
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Why was this man's luggage stuffed with 5,000 leeches?
An airport beagle sniffed out the creatures. Now authorities are trying to figure out what to do with them.
Leech Mystery
      species stories     
These birds depend on the ocean to survive, can cover long distances quickly, and may stay aloft at sea for months. Their genus name, fregata, is Italian for frigate—a swift and sturdy vessel.
Fly On
A group of peacocks is known as a "muster."

The term first appeared in the 15th century and was revived more than 300 years later.

Oxford English Dictionary
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