AIAC Evening Talk - Expert Witnesses in Arbitration

AIAC Evening Talk - Expert Witnesses in Arbitration


AIAC and 39 Essex Chambers Presents



   SPEAKER                                              MODERATOR  
       The Honourable Wayne Martin AC QC                                              Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo
The Former Chief Justice of Western Australia                                                Director of AIAC                     

About the talk:  
Often expert witnesses in arbitral proceedings present long and very expensive reports and testimony that are ultimately of little value to the resolution of the dispute – often because they don't engage with the reports and testimony of other experts – sometimes different assumptions of fact are made, different issues or questions are addressed, or the process of expert reasoning is not exposed or elucidated coherently. 
In this talk the former Chief Justice of Western Australia will evaluate the various techniques that have been utilised to manage expert evidence in arbitral proceedings to avoid these pitfalls including:
  • Oversight of the process by the Tribunal
  • Conferral (before or after exchange of reports?)
  • Single joint experts
  • Concurrent expert evidence (hot tubbing)
The talk will also address issues relating to the independence/impartiality of the expert witness, and the differentiation between evidence of fact and evidence of expert opinion.

Date     : 12th November 2018
Time     : 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm
Venue  : Seminar Room 1 AIAC , Bangunan Sulaiman

Free admission. Limited seats available. Click HERE for Registration
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