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LOOK: The dramatic beauty of a feeding frenzy, being Muslim in America, and more

LOOK: The dramatic beauty of a feeding frenzy, being Muslim in America, and more

Plus: Meditative landscapes unfurl beneath this photographer's lens| 
Enigmatic, prismatic, Baku. VIEW ONLINE
National Geographic
ISSUE 42   |  May 6, 2018
Great photography from National Geographic
Where Sharks Come to Eat
Photograph by Laurent Ballesta
In 2014, a record-breaking 24-hour dive at 65 feet underwater was the start of photographer Laurent Ballesta's fascination with French Polynesia. He has returned to the same underwater spot every year with a team of divers, lighting assistants, and camera operators to capture the annual spawning of grouper and the hundreds of sharks who go there to feed.

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Where Muslims Are Thriving
in America
Photograph by Lynsey Addario
Today in America, about 3.45 million Muslims live in a climate of hostility, their faith distorted by violent extremists on one end and anti-Muslim activists on the other. And yet Muslim communities in America are finding a way to thrive as a vibrant part of the country's cultural tapestry. Photographer Lynsey Addario visits several communities.

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I often think of this quote from legendary street photographer Tod Papageorge: "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't reading enough." History, poetry, fiction and memoir all have their rightful place on a photographer's shelf.

—Vaughn Wallace, National Geographic senior photo editor
Instagram: @vaughnwallace
What Drones Can See
Photographs by Gary Cummins
Photographer Gary Cummins uses drones to capture the meditative beauty of urban jungles and open landscapes. His images caught the eye of our 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year contest judges. We spoke with him about his work.

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From The Silk Road To
A Modern Marvel
Photograph by Rena Effendi
Azerbaijan has long been the crossroad of civilizations, an intersection for Russians, Persians, and Turks. Now, the country's capital, Baku, is growing into the 21st century as a hotspot of technology, architecture, and economic growth. Photographer Rena Effendi shows us the local landmarks, traditions, and a culture in motion.

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Photographer Cédric Gerbehaye took this selfie while at a lithium and potassium processing plant in the salt flats of the Atacama desert in northern Chile. Gerbehaye was on a three-week trip to the 'lithium triangle,' an area spanning Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile which contains much of the world's supply of this energy-producing mineral.

You can follow Cédric Gerbehaye on Instagram.
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