Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Malaysia-Donation Drive

Donation Drive

24th April, 2018

Dear Members,

Selangor Bar would like to embrace the spirit of preserving the environment and saving resources, let it be money or time, with that in mind we are pleased to launch "Donate your pre-loved items" which to start will include your pre-loved items like suits, robe, court bands and ladies collarettes and full bibs ( Gentleman & Lady).

If you would like to clear your wardrobe space of items of reasonably good quality, i.e. you yourself don't mind wearing it for one last time, please drop them at our secretariat office and we will make it available to members and pupils who are in need of the same.

If you can make your donated item to be in a crisp, clean and in white starched condition, it will be greatly appreciated, if you cannot do so, we will accept them as they are.

As brothers and sisters of the bar we thank each of you to make this effort to maximize our resources and strive hard to care for our members who may be in need.

Our hope is in persons like you, the Selangor Bar members whom we believe will extend full support and cooperation for this project.

Thank you.

A.G. Kalidas
Selangor Bar Committee


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