🎉 Be Effective Manager in 2018. Catch the Very Early Bird for Powerful Manager Programme 🌟

🎉 Be Effective Manager in 2018. Catch the Very Early Bird for Powerful Manager Programme 🌟

HRDF Claimable*
Powerful Manager Programme
-  Very Early Bird Discount ENDS in 5 Working Days !
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- Very Early Bird Discount Ends in 5 Working Days !
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Very Early Bird ends 31 December 2017 : A MUST-ATTEND Programme for MANAGERS
Make 2018 a Year of Great Impact and Real Change in EFFECTIVENESS as a Manager !

Time has shifted. In order to become a Manager, just technically savvy is simply Not Sufficient. You really need to have the Right Managerial Skills and Mindsets to form and lead EFFECTIVE team.
Research has shown that 60% of Managers actually failed at their work during the first year.

Those who survived acquired many Bad Self-Sabotaging habits and these result in higher staff turnover. Many are having difficulty to communicate or trust the team they built or inherited. Conflict with subordinates or worst still, they Failed To See the BIG PICTURE of their actual role in the organisation's mission or target.

This is a BIG LOSS to the Organisation!
These managers are often labelled as "Lack of Talent", however, this is so NOT TRUE. They simply lack of Managerial Skills and have yet to acquire the right mindsets. We launched this Powerful Manager Programme with the objective to enable managers to acquire the skill sets and mindsets to become a Powerful Manager.
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You can create your LEVEL Playing Field Now. 

Live your TRUE Potential, shine and lead a Powerful Team which is Happier, High Staff Retention and Effective!

*First-come, First-served only. Very Early Bird rate valid until 31.12.2017.
Enjoy Very Early Bird* Discount if you sign up NOW ! 
*First-come, First-served Only. Until 31.12.2017.
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7, 8, 9 February 2018 | The Gardens, Midvalley | Speaker : Tai Ling Ling |  | HRDF Claimable*
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2 ways to get the lowest price :

1. Register before 31.12.2017 : Get RM 1,200 off as Very Early Bird* Discount

2. Register in Groups : Save up to RM 1,800 When you register together with friends, colleagues or associates, do let us know via email. So that we can give you the Group Registration rate. See the table below for illustration of the pricing.
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*First-come, First-served Only. Until 31.12.2017.
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Here's why it is so popular :
  1. Created based on Industrial Organisational Psychology. Specialised field in psychology which identifies and create revolutionary change in People in work environment;
  2. Based on Proven Method, incorporate the Latest Researches , Effective and Proven methodology to Empower Managers to be Powerful, Functional and able to lead Effective Teams;
  3. Great speaker who is known for her ability to deliver high impact programme.

Register NOW to take advantage of the VERY EARLY BIRD Discount of up to RM 1,800.

P.S. Register Early to secure seats, Limited Seat still available !
P.P.S Do share with those you think will benefit from these substantial skills.

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TAI LING LING is the Professional Corporate Trainer by incorporating Industrial Organisational Psychology.

The following are few of the key reasons why she is the most popular and highly sought-after speaker for Powerful Manager Programme:
  • The Expert of Experts : Ling Ling is a seasoned Learning and Development Consultant/Professional Corporate Trainer, with more than 10 years in designing and delivering Training Programmes across the globe for fast-paced and technologically-advanced companies.

    By leveraging on technology and the latest psychological methodologies, she had designed, developed, and delivered programmes in various formats from instructor-led classroom to webinars and eLearning to online campaigns.
  • Double Combo (Professional Corporate Trainer and Industrial Organisational Psychologist) : She is a "rare breed" among the Learning and Development Consultant/ Professional. She is a Certified Training Professional by University of Southern Mississippi, USA and obtained her MSc Psychology from University of Hertfordshire, UK. Being actively practising in both professions, she can provide a complete and holistic perspective into what challenges will be faced and its practical solutions.
Ling Ling is a highly respected and stands out as a Professional Trainer speaker due to her rare combination of experience and expertise.

Industrial Organisational Psychology
Ling Ling currently practices as Learning Consultant, specializing in training, facilitation, learning and development for organisation. She holds Masters of Science (MSc) in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Certified Training Professional from University of Mississippi,USA.

Researcher and Professional Trainer
Being a Professional International Member from Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Graduate Member of the British Psychology Society (BPS), Ling Ling diligently researched and applied the latest extensive research to generate Managers who are Powerful, Functional and able to lead Teams within an organisation.

It takes not just passion but also great content to be a great speaker.
She is the expert of experts in terms of training managers, where she provided advice and personally trained managers from firms for its implementaion and its implementation.

Get ready to take good notes when you attend her Powerful Manager Programme.
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Quick Facts

Title : Powerful Manager Programme : A Complete and Practical 3 Days Programme to Maximise Team Performance
Date : 7, 8, 9 February 2018 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Venue : Skyview, The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur
Price  [HRDF claimable] : *
Very Early Brid Price RM 2,400+ for 3 Days (Normal Price: RM 3,600+) 
(Very Early Bird rate applicable until 31 December 2017)
Enjoy Group Discount of RM 300 & RM 600 respectively:
3 or more Pax = RM 2,100+ Only for 3 Days
5 or more Pax = RM 1,800+ Only for 3 Days
Speaker : Tai Ling Ling

CPD : 24 CPD

* HRDF Claimable - Subject to approval.
*Limited Seats available, subject to first-come, first-served.
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This Powerful Manager Programme will be held The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City

Within the vicinity of one of Kuala Lumpur's most popular shopping mall, it is ideal for outstation participants to bring along family to spend their holiday in Mid Valley City while you are equipped with the practical knowledge of becoming a Powerful Manager !
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The contents would focus on the Equip managers with Powerful Manager Programme. Give managers the real meats and potatoes!.
The topics would include:

  1. Checklist of What and How to become a Powerful Manager.
  2. Moving from Staff to become a Manager:
    The Practical Steps to transition from Staff to the real role of Manager.
  3. Differentiate a Manager from a Leader:

    3.1 Avoid the pitfall of falling into the narrow mindset that manager is just about leading a team.
  4. Careful look into what you will face when managing and leading people:

    4.1 The Challenges and Practical Solutions.
  5. Are you a Dictator? Or Motivator? There is no one right Leadership Style.

    5.1 Be equipped with multiple style is crucial.

    5.2 Critically analyse the available leaderships style.

    5.3 Know when, why and how to use them.
  1. Are you saying the right things?

    6.1 Detailed look into what is the right way to communicate with the team to get things done effectively.
  2. Learn what and how your communication style can make or break the team?
    Understand the Powerful Manager's Communication Style.
  3. Are you listening? Or Are you hearing?

    8.1 How to listen, listen and listen to your team's advantage.
  1. How to frame your communication for greatest impact and collaboration by asking the right questions?
  2. How to read non-verbal communication:
    The psychological behavior and avoid unspoken elements of speech which delivers the WRONG MESSAGE.
  3. Coaching:

    11.1 Understand why the ability to coach is listed as the prerequisite to become a Manager.
  4. Constructive and effective feedback for increased performance.

    12.1 How to structure and provide effective feedback?

    12.2 Should it be Calendar Driven or Event Driven?

    12.3 How to receive and assess feedback from the team to move you up to the next level.
  1. Building a Dream Team.

    13.1 How to Set Up and Built to Last, be it a team you inherited or built from scratch.
  2. Motivating your team is NOT about Carrot and Stick.
    14.1 Drop the Outdated Methods and Tricks,

    14.2 Embrace New and Better Engagement Techniques.

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