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COMING SOON: Pre-Order your copy today!

COMING SOON: Pre-Order your copy today!

Written by and experienced counsel, it contains a wealth of essential guidance on the preparation for and the conduct of a trial. The text is clear and succinct, amply supported by relevant case law, both local and foreign, as well as statutory sources in particular the Rules of Court 2012 and the Evidence Act 1950. Organised in a systematic structure, the book covers trial preparation, the various aspects of trial proper, submissions, judgment and the ethics of trial advocacy.

The carefully written text, a result of thorough consideration of the subject and meticulous research, is immensely useful in preparing for trial, providing clear guidance and analytical insights. The rich array of authorities and sources cited gives pointers for further research to ensure that counsel is painstakingly armed for trial.

A well-crafted system of headings, supplemented by helpful cross-references, enables the trial lawyer to easily refer to the book for the correct law, confirmation on a finer point of practice, practical direction and relevant authorities in the midst of the cut and thrust of trial. For the judge, the book may confidently consulted when presiding over the trial. Be if for the young lawyer, the seasoned counsel, or the busy judge,
The Trial Lawyer's Companion is indeed a book to have readily to hand.

  • Updates case authorities since 2005 up to 30 June 2017
  • Addresses the impact of the Rules of Court 2012
  • Considers and clarifies developments and changes to the law in respect of discovery, admissibility of documents in trial bundles, privilege, expert evidence and computer documents
  • Contains a wealth of practical guidance on trial practice
  • Fully up-to-date with relevant statutory provisions
  • Replete with invaluable leading case authorities
  • Illuminates the difficult areas of trial practice
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Nahendran Navaratnam

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