🎉 Bar Council Approved CPD Seminars. Early Bird Ends Friday : NEW & IMPROVED Company Law 2016 & Budget 2018 🎁

 🎉 Bar Council Approved CPD Seminars. Early Bird Ends Friday : NEW & IMPROVED Company Law 2016 & Budget 2018 🎁

NEW & IMPROVED Company Law 2016  &
Budget 2018 Seminars
Early Bird Ends FRIDAY !
(Bar Council Approved CPD)
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BUDGET 2018 & COMPANY LAW Seminars :
Hurry !! Early Bird Price END THIS FRIDAY!
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BUDGET 2018 : Most Important Tax Event for Businesses in 2017 & 2018 !
Bar Council Approved CPD
Discover "Budget 2018 : Income Tax | RPGT | GST " Seminar
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COMPANY LAW : Completely NEW & UPDATED with latest concerning Business Structure
Bar Council Approved CPD
These seminars will be held in
Ballroom, Level 5, Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City

Within the vicinity of one of Kuala Lumpur's most popular shopping mall, it is ideal for outstation participants to bring along family to spend their holiday in Mid Valley City while you are equipped with the practical knowledge of latest updates in BUDGET 2018 or NEW & IMPROVED COMPANY LAW !
Part A : Tax Planning on Income Tax and RPGT with Latest Development

Day 1 (13 November 2017, Monday)
The contents would focus on Income Tax, RPGT, Tax Incentives and Tax Enforcement, particularly on Tax Evasion and Tax Audit.
The topics would include:
  1. Budget 2018 on Income Tax, RPGT with its analysis and anatomy
  2. Tax Planning on Company with restructuring
  3. The application of Single Person Company under the Companies Act 2016
  4. Small & Medium-Sized Industiries (SMI) : Efficiencies in claiming Business Deduction; Dividend Planning; and Remuneration Packages for directors and shareholders
  5. Tax Incentives riding on Budget 2018 – what are the noting points and its advantages?
  6. Outbound business with Labuan Business Entity
  7. Withholding Tax constraints and applications – the NEW regime
  8. Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) effect on family succession
  9. Tax Planning for individuals – zoom in on Benefits-in-kind
  10. Application of increased Chargeable Income Incentive
  11. Tax Evasion – What are the latest scope, application and compounding offence ?
  12. Tax Audit – to do settlement or appeal ?
Part B : GST Latest Development & Tax Planning

Day 2 (14 November 2017, Tuesday)
Goods and Services Tax (GST), with certainty of its rate to be 6% till year 2019, the Budget 2018 would further enhance the scope of GST.

The concept and method for its application highlighted with 22 case studies. GST Tax Planning is also incorporated to maximise its benefits.
The topics would include:
(a) Budget 2018 on GST proposal – its implication and application
(b) Setting up Sdn Bhd with Single Person – What are the the GST consideration?
(c) Employees' benefit – What are the practical constraints and application?
(d) GST Tax Planning on designated area
(e) Transfer of Going Concern – What are the practical application and noting points?
(f) Supply, Disregarded Supply, Out of Scope Supply, Neither Supply : What exactly are their distinction and important demarcation?
(g) Tax Invoice, Invoice, Credit Note and the relationship of 21 Days Rule
(h) Market Value – Understand its practical application, determination and planning aspects
(i) The distinction between Goods and Services, its GST Implication
(j) Input Tax Credit (ITC) – useful case studies and its approaches
(k) Export services for Zero Rated – the noting points
(l) GST Appeal – practical guidance with case studies
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The contents would focus on the NEW & IMPROVED Companies Act 2016.
The topics would include:
  1. Director' Duties and Responsibilities
  2. Financial Accountant's NEW Duties and Responsibilities
  3. Appointment, removal, resignation or retirement, remuneration and expenses of:
    Directors; Auditor; Company Secretary

  4. Meeting with shareholders (members of company)
  5. Annual General Meeting is now DISCRETIONbut do look out for your tax consideration and appropriate procedures for submission of annual return 
  6. Shareholder's Interference in the company operation
    – triggering Transfer Pricing issues and related parties' concern that should be taken into account

  7. Shares in no par value regime
    – the consideration, do's and don't's

  8. Share Capital for incorporating a company
    – how much is adequate, how much is considered to be too little?

  9. Solvency Test and Statement
  10. Dividend proposed, payment and its inherent risk
    – with practical application, case study

  11. Dividend payment or capital reduction? – the noting point and PRECAUTIONS before the next pay-out and share reduction
  12. Profit Distribution under the new regime for Tax Efficiency
  13. Interest Scheme Act 2016
    - Methods to raise Capital
    or Seed Capital
  1. Accounting Compliance Impact from implementation of Companies Act 2016
  2. Business Contract – Witness or Common Seal?
  3. What are the NEW Credit Control Management procedures needed to deal with company with Single Shareholder?
  4. Capital Reduction Mechanism and Procedures
  5. Financial Assistance Mechanism and Procedures
  6. Constitution:
    - to have or not to have?
    - existing M&A and A&A is deemed constitution – to amend, alter or to replace with a NEW ONE?
    - what are the various consideration needed prior to adopting the New Constitution?

  7. Single Director Company
    - Incorporation
    - Operation Mechanism
    - Death of Single Director
    - Succession Alert

  8. Setting up a company with single shareholder and director – What are the risks and safeguard to be taken into account?
  9. Convert to Single Shareholder Company? – What hiccups and Estate Planning needed before you jump into it?
  10. Tax Efficient Corporate Structure under the Companies Act 2016
  11. Members of Company (Shareholder's intervention)
    - Compliance procedures
    - Director Action or Reaction

  12. Striking off the company - rules and procedures
  13. Thin Capitalisation Rule
    - how new company law will trigger and how to defence against it?

  14. and more.....
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DR CHOONG KWAI FATT is the pioneer in Tax Formation and Implementation.

He is known by attendee of his seminar as a man with heart of gold. He is passionate about helping the legal and tax professionals, accountants, senior executive, lawyers and business owners to enhance in taxation skills, knowledge and wealth through mitigating of legal and tax risk.

He is also widely known for his ability to formulate the "unthinkable" strategies and clearly thought of implementation plan. He is constantly sought by many listed companies as well as high net worth individual and SME for his practical and impressive strategies to taxation and of course, his foresight into the potential tax concerns.

The following are few of the key reasons why he is the most popular and highly sought-after speaker for Budget 2018Companies Act 2016 and Tax Planning
  • The Expert of Experts : He has more than 24 years' experience of providing Consultancy Services to Listed Companies, Audit Firms and the Government. Dr Choong is a highly sought GST & Tax Consultant and speaker. He is highly qualified with both professional Accounting Qualification and Legal Qualification.
  • Double Major (Law and Chartered Accountancy) : He is a "rare breed" among the Consultants. He has chartered accountancy from MORE THAN 6 professional bodies and also called to bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia. Being actively practising in both professions, he can provide a complete and holistic perspective into what challenges will be faced and its practical solutions.
  • 20 years of Public Speaking : It takes not just passion but also great content to be a great speaker. Participants love him for his passion in accounting, taxation and law, plus his ability to make complex concept understandable to attendees who come from diverse background.
  • Creative and practical solutions : Being an avid researcher equipped with a PhD in Taxation. He is most highly sought-after not just due to the titles he carried, also due to his ability to conduct advanced and complex researches, where he provides creative solutions and fresh practical perspectives into grey areas in Companies Act 2016.
  • Highly Influential Researcher : Dr Choong has also won various awards for excellent in tax research and published GST & Taxation Articles in reputable journals in and outside Malaysia. His research works have been quoted in many tax cases and have influenced the formulation of tax policy in Malaysia.
He is the expert of experts in terms of Tax Planning for Companies, where he provided advice and personally trained corporate accountants and professional firms on Tax Planning for Companies and its implementation.

Get ready to take good notes when you attend his NEW & IMPROVED Company Law 2016 seminars.
We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming Budget 2018 (Session 2) on the 13.11.2017 & 14.11.2017 and NEW & IMPROVED Company Law seminar on the 25.10.2017.

Don't miss out on the great savings in seminar fees.
Both are Bar Council Approved CPD seminars.


P.S. Do share with those who you care about or you think might benefit from these seminars ! 

Best Wishes,
Janet Jang
Market Educator
t: 016-302 6109 (Janet) / 019 311 0625 (Janet) / 016-328 6312 (Lau)
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