Malayan Cases: Limited Stocks Available. Grab a set NOW!

Malayan Cases: Limited Stocks Available. Grab a set NOW!

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The Malayan Cases form a valuable series of case reports from 1904 to 1975 which are both insightful and instructive. These cases remain authoritative today as it is instrumental to the development of law of the nation. It is intended to fill up the interstices in the fabric of the judicial precedents and allow users to appreciate the expansion and progress of the law whilst absorbing the historical value of judgments thus meeting the needs of the judiciary, practitioners and academicians.
The Malayan Cases containing cases from both Malaya and Singapore are now revived with a new look and feel. The resumption of the Malayan Cases endorses the longstanding LexisNexis tradition of case reporting at the highest of standards.
The Malayan Cases consists of 4 bound volumes:
Volume 1 cases from 1908-1936
Volume 2 cases from 1904-1957
Volume 3 cases from 1916-1962
Volume 4 cases from 1949-1975
Key Features 
  • Cases dating back from the 1900's
  • Historical significance
  • Cases from Malaya and Singapore
  • A broader academic and linguistic aspect
  • Covers various subject matters
  • Cases reported circa 1900's which are still law and may still be found cited in MLJ (example: Vasantha Kumar a/l Krishnan v Saravanan a/l Murugan & Ors [2015] 8 MLJ 45

'Law reports are the raw material of future adjudication and the person who places the precedents before
the profession is a public servant of the first importance, even if this is not publicly realized'.
~Bashir A Mallal

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