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Great Taxation Titles Discount Ending Soon! Buy 1 at 15% | Buy 2 or more at 20% off

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Individuals has been crafted to
help ordinary Malaysians who want to understand more about income tax
and the tax-saving ideas that they can use to reduce their tax burden,
whilst keeping within the law. The book will show you how to plan your tax
affairs and to strategise to make the most of the deductions, reliefs,
rebates and tax exemptions that are available to you as an individual.

ISBN: 978-967-0735-52-8  

Format: Paperback  
Price: RM63.00
100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Property Investors is a
comprehensive guide to the tax implications of property investment and
property ownership. As a work that collects together in one source all of
the tax issues relevant to property investment and ownership, it is an
invaluable tool to help investors in their vital decision-making processes.
The book covers the specifics of the taxation of property income, which is
in many ways distinct from the taxation of other kinds of income.

ISBN: 978- 967-0735-53-5

Format: Paperback
Normal Price: RM75.00
100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for SMEs, 2nd Edition presents
clear explanations on key aspects of taxation of small and medium
companies in Malaysia with valuable tax-saving ideas to enable
businesses to fully use available tax breaks and incentives. This edition
provides basic tax information to help owners better understand their tax
liabilities and minimise their tax exposure and also supplies practical
guidance on how taxpayers can meet compliance requirements.

ISBN: 978-967-0498-87-4  

Format: Paperback  
Price: RM75.00
GST1-2-3© is a business resource specifically developed to help the
Malaysian community in the practical application of GST. The series brings
together international and Malaysian experiences on managing a business
in compliance with GST.
The 3 books in this series are designed to provide practical knowledge
grounded on fundamental business skills, practices and processes
necessary to operate with GST. The books are full of useful hands-on
guidance including examples, smart tips, check lists, worksheets and
focus points.

ISBN: 978- 967-0735-88-7

Format: Paperback
Price: RM120.00
The GST Handbook for Legal Practice is a practical guide written
exclusively for legal practitioners to ensure that they are adequately
prepared for the implementation of GST. It will unlock the intricacies of the
Malaysian GST model, clearly explaining its mechanism, underlying
concepts,key terminologies and its practical application in the legal sector.

ISBN: 978-967-0735-14-6

Format: Hardback & ProView eBook  
Price: RM276.50
Malaysian GST Handbook aims to serve as a useful guide to the
operation of the goods and services tax (GST) regime in Malaysia. It
throws light on the practical operation of this new tax by providing clear
and comprehensive explanation and examples regarding the most
important features of the Malaysian Goods and Services Tax Act 2014.
Regular reference is made to the Customs Guides and the Director-
General's Decisions. This book is fully up-to-date with new developments
after the implementation of GST.

ISBN: 978- 967-0735-59-7

Format: Paperback & ProView eBook
Price: RM199.10
The core of Malaysian GST Legislation Plus is the fully annotated
Goods and Services Tax Act 2014. It also contains a comprehensive
collection of all Malaysian GST subsidiary legislation in a single volume.
To complete this self-contained volume, where the GST legislation defines
a term by adopting the definition of the term in another legislation, the
full definition of such terms is supplied.

ISBN: 978-967-0735-60-3  

Format: Paperback & ProView eBook  
Price: RM221.20
Malaysia Real Property Gains Tax Handbook is a practical guide that
succinctly summarizes the law and principles underlying the imposition of
real property gains tax and is updated to reflect the latest rates introduced
by the Finance Act 2014.

ISBN: 978- 967-0498-78-2

Format: Paperback & ProView eBook
Price: RM105.10
Q & A on GST in Malaysia has been designed and produced so as to
present in an organised manner questions and answers on various
aspects of this groundbreaking new tax. Readers of the companion book
Q & A on Personal Taxation in Malaysia will be familiar with the characters
involved in this dialogue on GST and the way that their everyday
conversations are used to present information on various tax topics.

ISBN: 978-967-0735-46-7  

Format: Paperback & ProView eBook  
Price: RM55.30
All Malaysia Tax Cases (1937-2013) - 8 Volumes
The All Malaysian Tax Cases (AMTC) is the first Malaysian tax report that not only reports Malaysian income tax cases, but also highlights contentious tax issues. It is a complete publication covering Malaysian court decisions on income tax from 1937 to date. Arrangement of case names in chronological order, according to a particular subject matter, and alphabetical sequence provide additional keys to access relevant cases.

ISBN: 978-983-2631-45-3

Format: Hardback (8 Volumes)  
Normal Price: RM2,350.00
NOW: RM1,800.00
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