Pre Publication Offer - Get 10% off these selected legal titles

Pre Publication Offer - Get 10% off these selected legal titles

Presenting our Sweet & Maxwell UK highlights for 2016

Our Sweet & Maxwell commentary titles bring clarity to complex matters, giving you the confidence to make the big decisions. With laws increasingly complex and lawyers increasingly inundated with information, authoritative guidance has never been more important.

Browse through our authoritative titles below, purchases can be done via our website.
Cross Border Insolvency Practice
ISBN: 978-0414035-430
Edition: 1st
Published Date: June 2016
Price: RM $1,397.50
Pre-Pub Price: RM 1,257.75
Format: Hardback Book


Goode on Payment Obligations in Commercial and Financial Transactions
ISBN: 978-0414046-597

Edition: 3rd
Published Date: August 2016
Price: RM 975.00
Pre-Pub Price: RM 877.50
Format: Hardback Book
Oil & Gas Contracts: Principles & Practice
ISBN: 978-0414034-426
Edition: 1st
Published Date: July 2016
Price: RM 2,145.00
Pre-Pub Price: RM 1,930.50
Format: Hardback Book

Russel Clarke & Howe on Industrial Design
ISBN: 9780414052-642
Edition: 9th
Published Date: August 2016
Price: RM 1,917.50
Pre-Pub Price: RM 1,725.75
Format: Hardback Book
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