Learn more about ProView and its benefits today!

Learn more about ProView and its benefits today!

Do you know the benefits of ProView?

ProView is an eBook platform designed for professionals that enables you to read and interact with the contents of your books, journals and law reports on your tablet, notebook, desktop or via your browser.

Searching Tips

Let ProView help you to work smarter by using some of these useful tips:


From the main screen of ProView, click on the Search Icon  which is located on the right hand side of the screen.

From there you can do the following:
  • Search across your entire library: While viewing your library, tap the Search icon  to display the Search Library Content text box. Type your query in this box and select Search. The titles in your library are displayed with the number of times your search terms occur in each title. Your search term will be shown as a tag above the results in your library.
  • Sorting your library by: title, type (books or periodicals), jurisdiction (country), publisher, subject (practice area), and ownership (whether the book is owned or is a library book), etc.

  • Filtering and searching in Proview - a bar appears showing the number of titles that meet all of the selected conditions, as well as the keywords and/or applied filters in the search. Click on the X may remove that filter or search you set.
  • In the lower left corner of the tab of each title, the number of matches within the content of the title will be shown.

Download the complete user guide of ProView and learn about all the features at our new ProView website.
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