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New book information

New book information

RM 415.00
Written by and experienced criminal law practitioner, this book contains a wealth of knowledge that sheds light on the technicalities of the criminal litigation process in Malaysia. The text is presented in a lucid and readable manner and contains significant recent court decisions and new legislative developments.
The key new areas covered in this new edition include:
  • Custody of seized exhibits
  • Disposal of exhibits
  • Powers to prevent crimes
  • Joint charges and common intention
  • Revision
  • Procedure introduced by the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012

RM 350.00
This book provides a full and authoritative analysis of cases, both local and international, on issues concerning patents, as well as a thorough review of important recent developments in the field of patent law.
Structured in 12 chapters, the book is complete with essential and analytical information on patent law. Each topic is introduced by a helpful overview before key cases are presented. These local and international cases on patent law have been carefully selected and are complemented by copious commentaries to elucidate on the wide range of issues that arise. The commentaries which are enlightening, thought-provoking and insightful, assist the reader to have an in-depth and critical understanding of patent law.

  • Careful selection of cases.
  • Clear overview of the law.
  • Analytical commentary of cases.
  • Materials derived from Malaysia and foreign jurisdictions.
RM 1,600.00

Must-have one-stop court litigation reference for civil litigators
"Malaysia Civil Procedure 2013 brings together the invaluable knowledge and practical insights of the Malaysian legal community on civil procedure in Malaysia. The commentary is authoritative and comprehensive and may be referred to with confidence during the conduct of civil litigation in the Malaysian courts."
Tun Arifin Zakaria, Chief Justice of Malaysia (Foreword to the 2013 Edition)
Drawing on the pedigree of the White Book which has seen numerous successful local editions in various common law jurisdictions, Malaysian Civil Procedure 2015 provides you with the most current knowledge, information, practical insights and confidence to succeed in all areas of civil court work.
Expanded to two volumes, it now contains fully up-to-date text of key legislation essential to civil litigation, with annotations to theRules of the Federal Court 1995, the Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994 and the Courts of Judicature Act 1964. New court practice directions plus previously unpublished practice directions from Sabah & Sarawak makes this the most comprehensive civil litigation reference.
Key Features:
·         Insightful order-by-order commentary presented clearly with succinct headings
·         Exacting quality and accuracy in true White Book tradition
·         Comprehensive survey of key local and relevant foreign case law
·         Contributors drawn from the judiciary, leading law firms and academia
·         Reviewed by experienced panel of reviewers

Sterling on World Copyright Law

4th Edition

Practice Area:  Intellectual Property
ISBN:  9780414024618
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  04 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback

​PRICE:RM 2,364.00​

World Copyright Law is renowned for its incisive coverage of this complex and wide-ranging subject, providing you with a single reliable source to help reinforce or defend any action for copyright infringement.
This title gives you a complete overview of world copyright law in, focusing on the key subjects of current national interest. It offers in-depth analysis and commentary provided by a distinguished authority in the field, drawing on contributions from a cross-jurisdictional team of experts.
  • Offers a comparative overview of the practice and legislation of copyright law and related rights across the world
  • Makes an analytical comparison of the different levels of protection offered in more than 25 jurisdictions
  • Includes commentary on the background, principles, and recent developments in national, regional, and international law
  • Provides detailed explanations of protection issues and analysis of their application in national systems, conventions, treaties, and agreements
  • Covers key copyright issues such as protection criteria, moral rights, economic rights, limitations, infringement, and remedies
  • Compares the protection of beneficiaries for owners of related rights and owners of sui generis rights
  • Sets out comparative summaries of international and regional standards of protection. Outlines the main provisions of relevant conventions, treaties, and agreements, including Berne (1886-1971), Rome (1961), TRIPS (1994), and WIPO (1996)
  • Summarises the protection granted to different rights-holders including authors, performers, sound recording and film producers, publishers and broadcasters
  • Discussion of the exercise of rights on the internet and the role of cross-border licensing, as well as wider technological protection
  • Features a glossary of legal and technical copyright terms used across the world
  • Provides extensive reference materials: international and regional instruments, reference lists of national laws, and key historic documents
  • Features a chart summarising European copyright and related rights, distinguishing the provisions of EU law and EU directives
  • Commentary on the standards of national, international and regional protection has been expanded
  • New chapter on the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (2012) analyses the content of this multilateral treaty designed to regulate copyright and expand the rights of performers
  • New chapter covers the Marrakesh Treaty (2013) and its provisions to facilitate exceptions for the creation of accessible versions of copyrighted works for the visually impaired
  • Case law across multiple jurisdictions has been updated to reflect the most recent and significant decisions, including those at the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • All conventions, treaties, agreements have been reviewed and updated.

Sale of Ships

The Norwegian Saleform
3rd Edition
Practice Area:  Shipping
ISBN:  9780414034136
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  31 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback
​PRICE:RM 1,883.75​

Sale of Ships guides solicitors and barristers through the use of the Norwegian Saleform in the context of English contract law, covering legislation such as UCTA 1977 and the Sale of Goods Act. The 1993 Nipponsale form is also analysed in depth and in comparison with other saleforms.
The new edition features clause by clause guidance on each provision and it also includes appendix materials, international materials and pro forma list of delivery documents.
  • Precedents –Includes a range of precedents required for the sale of ships and related activities
  • Updates – The book deals with the prior iterations of the saleform (1987 and 1993), and now updates readers on the impact and application of the 2012 saleform which has superseded them.
  • Analysis – It offers clause-by-clause analysis and line-by-line explanation of the form, gathering the insight of two leading minds in the area.
    For each provision, the authors explain the differences between the current and previous versions of the saleform as they relate to a specific issue (i.e. Payment, Inspections, Place of Delivery), as well as the relevant case law which affects the provision's operation.
  • Explanation – The clause-by-clause explanation, analysis and advice covers everything from purchase price, inspections and delivery to dry-docking, encumbrances and condition on delivery.
  • Analyses case law – It analyses recent major case law on the saleform, including decisions like Union Power and Griffon.
  • Other international forms – The book covers other forms of international importance, besides the Norwegian saleform, including the 1993 and 1999 Nipponsale forms, and now extends to the Singapore Ship Sale form.
  • Equitable remedy – Looks at different types of equitable remedy available, and the sellers' right to damages.
  • Freezing injunctions – Includes a chapter on the arrest of vessels, including freezing (Mareva) injunctions.
  • Specimen contract – Analyses resale of shipbuilding contracts, with a specimen contract provided.
  • Dispute resolution – Covers the sale of ships for recycling, including potential dispute resolution and issues surrounding the Sale of Goods Act.
  • Useful documents – Provides precedent delivery documents, closing documents, bill of sale, non-grounding letter, commercial invoice, invoice for bunkers & lubricating oils, non-blacklist letter, undertaking to delete, undertaking re. stowaways, protocol of delivery and acceptance.
  • Useful appendices – Gathers all the appendix materials necessary for ship sales in one place, including domestic materials (UCTA, Sale of Goods Act, Marine Insurance Act and more) and international convention like the International Convention on Arrest of Ship like the International Convention on Arrest of Ships.

Declarations of Trust
​PRICE:RM 622.00​

A Draftsman's Handbook
5th Edition
Practice Area:  Trusts Law
ISBN:  9780414051812
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  22 Oct 2015
Format:  Paperback, CD-ROM

This easy to use, "how-to" guide for the general practitioner shows how to use declarations of trusts to protect clients' interests. It deals with all situations where a declaration of trust can be used – such as property purchases, wills, insurance policies and company shareholdings – giving step-by-step drafting guidance.
Declarations of Trust:
  • Explains the role of a declaration of trust, when it should be used and what it can achieve
  • Covers the full range of transactions where a declaration of trust can be useful, including property purchases, joint tenancies and company shareholdings
  • Organised transaction-by-transaction so practitioners can go straight to the advice they need
  • Each chapter contains a short, clear narrative explaining the key issues
  • Contains a whole host of precedents which can easily be adapted to the situation in hand
  • Features all the precedents on a CD-ROM to aid rapid drafting
  • Reproduces Land Registry forms completed as each situation requires
  • Covers tax issues to be considered when using declarations of trust
  • Gives guidance on recent property and tax legislation, including abolition of the presumption of advancement (Equality Act 2010), changes to the pensions regime in successive Finance Acts, and changes to the Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax regimes
  • Explains the impact of important recent case law in areas such as constructive trusts (Jones v Kernott), severance of joint tenancies (Davis and Anor v Smith), secret/half secret trusts (Execs of Lucian Freud v Paul McAdam Freud) and mutual wills (Charles v Fraser)

  • Abolition of the presumption of advancement (Equality Act 2010)
  • Developments in the law relating to constructive trusts (see especially Jones v Kernott [2011] UK SC 53)
  • Changes to the Pensions regime in FA 2011, FA 2014 and forthcoming 2015 changes
  • Miscellaneous minor changes to tax rules eg CGT annual exemption and rules for main residence regime, SDLT rates and thresholds etc
  • Case law on severance of joint tenancies (Davis and Anor v Smith [2011] EWCA Civ 1603)
  • Case law on secret/half secret trusts (Execs of Lucian Freud v Paul McAdam Freud 2014 EWHC 2577(Ch)
  • Case law on mutual wills - Charles v Fraser EWHC Civ 2154 Ch

Lewin on Trusts


19th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement
Series:  Trusts, Wills and Probate Libr
Practice Area:  Trusts Law
ISBN:  9780414024373
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  04 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback

Frequently cited in court, Lewin on Trusts covers the entire law of trusts from general principles to current practice, ensuring you have all the information you need on the effective creation of trusts and the resolution of disputes and other problems that arise.
  • Covers all aspects of trusts law, from creation of trusts and the role and duties of trustees, to beneficiaries and their interests and administration
  • Includes in-depth analysis of both general principles and the practical implications of trust law
  • Provides clear guidance on questions that arise in modern trusts practice
  • Analyses major decisions and applies them to the principles of the law and the practice and procedure they affect
  • Explores the impact of the latest case law
  • Explains breach of trust and available remedies
  • Deals with constructive trusts and asset tracing
  • Covers anti-money-laundering legislation in relation to trusts
  • Refers to Commonwealth decisions, suggesting solutions lacking in UK case law
  • Covers costs issues in trusts disputes
  • A fully updated treatment of shams and, following Pitt v Holt, mistake and the re-stated principle in Re Hastings-Bass
  • An exposition of all recent statutes affecting trusts, including the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009, the Trusts (Capital and Income) Act 2013, the Presumption of Death Act 2013 and the Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Act 2014
  • A modern text on bribes and other unauthorised profits, after FHR European Ventures LLP and the Bribery Act 2010
  • A consideration of the vexed topic of limitation of trust claims in the light of Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria
  • A comprehensive account of the rules governing jurisdiction and choice of law in trust disputes, including disputes arising out of constructive trusts
  • A detailed statement of the law of co-ownership by cohabitants, as found in Jones v Kernott and later decisions
  • The fullest treatment of trusts arising under mutual wills and the Married Women's Property Act
  • A discussion of confiscation and the civil recovery of the proceeds of crime as they impinge on trustees
  • New material on knowing receipt by a company and on the attribution of knowledge to a company in cases of fraud
  • An extensively revised account of the court's powers in trust cases and the relevant procedural rules, including the incidence of costs and the new powers of costs management and costs capping
The 1st supplement brings the 19th Edition up-to-date with the most recent case law and legisltion. 
  • Fiduciary duties as to the appointment and removal of trustees after the Jersey decision in Re Piedmont Trust
  • The recent changes to the rules about service out of the jurisdiction in trust cases and the decision in Crociani v Crociani on jurisdiction clauses in trusts
  • Compulsory or voluntary disclosure of information provided confidentially in Beddoe applications
  • The Glenalla litigation in Guernsey, as to the personal responsibility of the trustee for trust liabilities, and of questions of priority where the trust assets are inadequate
  • Retrospective sanction by the court of self-dealing transactions
  • Disclosure under freezing injunctions over discretionary trusts
  • The attribution of knowledge to companies in claims for dishonest assistance and knowing receipt after the Supreme Court's ruling in Bilta (UK) Ltd v Nazir
  • The requirements of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive and the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015
  • The court's role in applications by trustees for approval, in the light of Cotton v Brudenell-Bruce
  • Adding new accumulation periods on variations under the Variation of Trusts Act 1958

Enforcement of Judgments & Arbitral Awards


2nd Edition
Series:  Global Guides
ISBN:  9780414054226
Published by:  Practical Law
Publication Date:  18 Nov 2015
Format:  Hardback

With contributions from leading lawyers, the guide provides a high level overview of the key issues involved in the enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards across 27 jurisdictions. The Q&A addresses a range of topics, including definitions and preliminary proceedings; applicable regulations/ conventions; pending appeals; enforceable judgments; conditions for recognition and enforcement; proper service; public policy; provisional remedies; actual enforcement; interest; enforcing foreign judgments/ awards; enforcement proceedings; formalities; and any reform proposals
  • Essential current content covering 27 major jurisdictions throughout the world, with contributions from experts in this practice area.
  • Reader-friendly Q&A format allows for easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons.
  • Strong international focus, covering diverse areas.

Gatley on Libel and Slander


12th Edition, Mainwork & Supplement
Series:  Common Law Library
Practice Area:  Defamation
ISBN:  9780414052635
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  10 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback

  • Provides an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the law of defamation.  The twelfth edition is substantially revised to cover recent case law (domestic, Commonwealth and Strasbourg) and important legislation including the Defamation Act 2013
  • Includes expert commentary and analysis of substantive defamation law, including discussion of all significant recent English case law
  • States the English law of defamation as it stands prior to the coming into force of the Defamation Act 2013
  • Discusses the Defamation Act 2013 and its impact on English law and practice
  • Offers detailed coverage of the relevant procedure and guidance on practising in defamation law and other related areas of law
  • Includes reference to cases from other jurisdictions with commentary on their relevance to English law and procedure, in particular decisions from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong
  • Discusses the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on defamation law and privacy
  • Explains the constituents of related causes of action arising from the publication of statements and images, e.g. misuse of private information, breach of confidence, and harassment, and the defences to such claims, and discusses recent case law on these topics
  • Deals first with substantive law and then with procedure, clearly separated into chapters and sections
  • Sets out key legislation
  • Includes summaries of libel awards in the appendix material

The 1st Supplement to the 12th Edition will include all the latest developments in libel and slander, malicious falsehood and privacy from here and overseas including full updates on all developments in defamation case law, both substantive and procedural, including analysis of the effect on English law and practice of the Defamation Act 2013, and in particular:
  • Discussion of the impact of the far-reaching first instance decisions in Cooke v MGN Ltd [2014] EWHC 2831 (QB), [2015] 1 WLR 895, Ames v The Spamhaus Project Ltd [2015] EWHC 127 (QB), [2015] 1 WLR 3409 and Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd [2015] EWHC 2422 (QB), [2015] EMLR 28 on the construction and ramifications of s.1 Defamation Act 2013, especially as regards the need to prove actual or likely serious damage to reputation and the kind of evidence required to do so, the apparent loss of the presumption of damage in defamation, difficulties of determining when a cause of action has arisen, the possible impact on limitation and the single publication rule, and the potentially revolutionary effect of a well-judged apology
  • The end of trial by jury in libel and slander: consideration of Yeo v Times Newspapers Ltd [2014] EWHC 2853 (QB), [2015] 1 WLR 971 for guidance on when jury trial might yet – or more probably might not – be ordered
  • The relationship between Art 9 of the Bill of Rights and absolute privilege (Makudi v Triesman [2014] EWCA Civ 179, [2014] 1 QB 839) 
    The effect of the Defamation (Operators of Websites) Regulations 2013, which are now in force
  • Discussion of the scope for early determination of issues (particularly meaning and serious harm to reputation) now that trial by jury is no longer presumed
  • Developments in malicious falsehood, including the relationship between meaning and malice in the light of Cruddas v Calvert [2015] EWCA Civ 171, [2015] EMLR 16
  • Reflections on the blurred frontier between defamation and misuse of private information as it affects interim injunctions and the rule in Bonnard v Perryman: Hannon v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2014] EWHC 1580 (Ch), [2015] EMLR 1
  • Discussion of Rhodes v OPO [2015] UKSC 32, [2015] 2 WLR 1373 in which the Supreme Court has effectively closed off the possibility of using the Wilkinson v Downton tort to restrain expression
  • The latest authorities in misuse of private information (Re JR38 [2015] UKSC 42, [2015] 3 WLR 155), data protection (Google Spain SL v Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos Case C-131/12, [2014] EMLR 27 and Vidal-Hall v Google Inc [2015] EWCA Civ 311, [2015] 3 WLR 409) and harassment (Levi v Bates [2015] EWCA Civ 206, [2015] EMLR 22)

Chitty on Contracts


32nd Edition, 2 Volumes
Series:  Common Law Library
Practice Area:  Contract Law
ISBN:  9780414050693
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
General Editor: Professor Hugh Beale
Publication Date:  11 Nov 2015
Format:  Hardback

Chitty on Contracts is the pre-eminent reference work on contract law in the common law world. It has been used for generations by lawyers as the leading guide to contracts, and is relied on to provide insight and aid in complex areas of the law.
Volume One covers the General Principles of contract law, while Volume Two offers guidance on specific contracts, namely contractual issues in specific industry sectors.
  • Presents complete coverage of the law of contract, incorporating extensive reference to relevant legislation and recent case law
  • Contains interpretation and analysis of general legislation since the last edition
  • Provides an in-depth examination of actions arising in contract law, including exclusion clauses, estoppel, illegality and public policy, mistake, misrepresentation and non-disclosure, breach of performance
  • Covers the formation of contract as it effects the Agreement; Consideration,  Form, Mistake; Misrepresentation and Duress and Undue Influence
  • Treats in detail the Capacity of parties
  • Analyses and comments on the terms of the contract relating  to Express and Implied Terms; Exemption Clauses;  Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts; and Arbitration Clauses
  • Examines Illegality and Public Policy
  • Under Joint  obligations covers in detail the law of contract relating to Third Parties, Assignment;, Death and Bankruptcy
  • Examines and analyses contract law in relation to performance and discharge, covering Discharge by Agreement; by Frustration;  by Breach
  • Studies remedies for breach of contract, including damages and limitations of actions
  • Discusses Restitution in relation to contract law
  • Analyses conflict of laws as if affects contract law
  • Deals individually with contracts in the following areas of law: agency, arbitration, bailment, bills of exchange and banking, building contracts, carriage by air, carriage by land, construction, credit and security, employment, gaming and wagering, insurance, restrictive agreements and covenants, sale of goods and suretyship
  • Offers interpretation and advice on the law when disputes arise, or when technical areas need clarification, and when responsibilities, obligations and entitlements need to be established
  • Supplemented regularly



Injunctions is a concise and practical guide to the subject of injunctions, with particular emphasis on procedure. The decision to grant or refuse an interim injunction will often be determinative of the whole dispute.
  • Covers the full range of injunctions in one volume.
  • Provides a concise and practical guide with particular emphasis on explanation of procedure.
  • Sets out what remedies are available and to which situations they are best suited.
  • Covers all matters of jurisdiction and the discretionary powers of different courts.
  • Fully explains the criteria for both permanent and interim injunctions.
  • Gives step-by-step analysis of practice and procedure, covering interim applications, other proceedings (including appeals), freezing injunctions, search orders and contempt of court.
  • Contains a useful collection of official and unofficial precedents.
  • Includes a chapter on matrimonial and domestic proceedings written by Her Honour Judge Isabel Parry.
  • Deals with special cases such as ones dealing with restraint of publications, employment contracts, public law, defendants outside the jurisdiction, restraint of legal proceedings, and discrimination.
This 12th Edition includes essential updates on:
  • Damages in lieu of an injunction: Lawrence v Fen Tigers
  • No injunction to ban autobiography: Rhodes v OPO
  • The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
  • Important recent case law on freezing injunctions
  • New powers for district judges in injunction cases

Snell's Equity


33rd Edition, Mainwork & Supplement
Series:  Trusts, Wills and Probate Libr
Practice Area:  Trusts Law
ISBN:  9780414051607
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
General Editor: John McGhee, QC
Publication Date:  04 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback

Assisting you each step of the way, Snell's Equity provides in-depth commentary and analysis of the law of equity and offers interpretation of how the different rules can be applied to property.
  • Deals with equitable principles and remedies and their application in trusts, probate and mortgages showing how equity can be used to help solve clients' problems
  • Examines the nature of equity and the maxims of equity, clearly setting out the general principles
  • Arranged by topics in which equity is used, offering expert interpretation of equity rules and how they can be applied in the different situations
  • Discusses dealings with equity including assignments of choses in action, and priorities showing how equity works in practice
  • Analyses the five ancient equitable doctrines of conversion, reconversion, election, performance and satisfaction setting out the different ways in which equity can provide a remedy
  • Assesses the situation in which equity has intervened to safeguard those who, by their status or circumstance are in need of protection illustrating how equity can be used in different client situations
  • Considers a wide range of equitable remedies offering a choice of solutions to apply to your clients' problems
  • Fiduciary chapter covers the Court of Appeal decisions in Sinclair v VersaillesFHR v Mankarious and alsoRanson v Customer Systems, as well as Newey J's judgment in Vivendi v Richards. The chapter also comments on the HCA judgment in Howard v Commissioner of Taxation, and the FCAFC decision in Grimaldi v Chameleon
  • Chapters on security covers the Supreme Court decision in Szepietowski and the Court of Appeal decision inKhans v Chifuntwe
    The Supreme Court's decision in FHR v Cedar Capital (on appeal from the Mankarious decision)
  • Updating of citations to reflect the consolidation in the Charities Act 2011
    The chapter on breach of trust is rewritten to include the effect of the Supreme Court decision in Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria, which considers the effect of limitation on claims for dishonest assistance in breach of trust
  • Coverage of Marley v Rawlings on rectification of wills
    Implications of Coventry v Lawrence on the availability of injunctive relief for claims in nuisance
  • Expansion of the Penalties and Forfeitures chapter due to significant recent developments
    Statutory changes brought about by the Trusts (Income and Capital) Act 2013 and the Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Act 2014
The first supplement brings the 33rd edition up-to-date with the most recent case law and legislation.
Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences
PRICE:RM 2,210.00
Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences is the definitive guide to road traffic law.
As the definitive authority on road traffic offences in England and Wales Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences is the go-to guide covering every facet of road traffic law you are likely to encounter, whatever the situation. Providing an unbeatable combination of in-depth analysis with a userfriendly format Wilkinson's explains the law, legal principles and procedure, showing both what the law is and how to proceed with prosecuting or defending a case.
Setting out the basic principles and clarifies key terms, it covers specific offences chapter-by-chapter ensuring relevant information is easy to find, and follows through to sentencing and appeals, covering every aspect in chronological order, so you're never at a loss for the answer you need. With a renowned and authoritative author team, led by Kevin McCormac, the book sets
out the implications of legislative and case law developments, goes through typical and unusual situations and provides advice on the law relating to them and provides easy access to core statutory and related primary materials, with annotation to clarify complex areas, but that's not all…
The work also gives full consideration of the Sentencing Guidelines Council's revised Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines as regards each road traffic offence and covers the newly in force causing death by driving offences and the Sentencing Guidelines Council's definitive sentencing guideline applying to them.
Volume 1 sets out the definitions of road traffic law providing an explanation of the law and procedure both for prosecuting and defending a case. Specific offences are dealt with chapter by chapter. Volume 2 contains core statutory material, including statutes such as the Road Safety Act, SIS, E U Legislation and international agreements.

New to the 27th Edition
  • Brings the main work up to date to March 1, 2015.
  • Detailed coverage of the new provisions relating to driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Identification and consideration of the extensively revised provisions contained in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 especially those relating to the offences of causing death or serious injury when driving whilst disqualified.
  • Incorporates relevant provisions for Crime and Courts Act 2013, Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 and Deregulation Act 2015 brought into force at the end of the Parliamentary session including the criminal courts charge and the changes to the victims surcharge
  • Coverage of the new procedures relating to the gathering of evidence around drink driving
  • Coverage of the new provisions regarding commencement date for court ordered disqualification from driving and incorporation of the many changes flowing from the removal of the obligation for driving licence counterparts and from the removal of the upper maximum for fines in magistrates' courts
  • For goods vehicles noting changes to requirements regarding the display of licences and the liability for excise duty and the road user levy for heavy goods vehicles
  • Coverage of the continuing emphasis on the need for justice to be done rather than relying on detailed analysis of procedural compliance; see, for example Canterbury City Council v Ali (2013) (appeal hearing to focusing on the rightness of the decision rather than the process)
    Noting changes regarding tachographs and the move towards "smart' tachographs
  • Drawing attention to the coming mutual recognition of disqualification between the UK and the Republic of Ireland
  • Authoritative review of the range of provisions reflecting the fundamental shift taking place in the management of criminal justice, including improving the speed with which cases are dealt with, the new allocation procedures and the revisions to the Criminal Procedure Rules increasing the emphasis on electronic service of documents.
  • In-depth commentary on latest case law: DPP v Isler (2014) (carrying sick people does not necessarily make a vehicle an ambulance); DPP v. Petrie (2015) and Clay v Clerk to the Justices (2014) (abuse of process); R. v J. (2013) (autrefois acquit); Magee v Crown Prosecution Service (2014) (belief based on self induced intoxication); R. v Langley [2014] (disqualification from driving following conspiracy to commit a serious criminal offence) 
    Full updating in Volume 2.

Boilerplate: Practical Clauses

PRICE:RM 1,363.00
7th Edition
Series:  Commercial Series
ISBN:  9780414038523
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  04 Dec 2015
Format:  Hardback, CD-ROM

This compendium of boilerplate clauses in common use also features detailed analytical commentary on each clause, together with advice on its application. The book also takes account of recent case law where applicable and comes with a CD-rom containing all the clauses for ease of access to readers.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of boilerplate clauses to use in situations encountered when drafting commercial agreements
  • Provides guidance on when and how to use each clauses of benefit both to the experienced and more novice draftsperson
  • Identifies and explains relevant legislation in relation to boilerplate clauses used in drafting
  • Incorporates references to key case law and assesses its implications
  • Provides alternative clauses/wording to best meet client requirements
  • Gives analysis of clauses so that the implications of their use are made explicit
  • All the clauses are also provided on a CD-rom for ease of use to readers
  • Covers all standard warranties
  • Covers exclusions of liability
  • Provides whole agreement and variation clauses
  • Gives clauses for contracting and the internet
  • Examines the impact of cloud computing on the obligation to safeguard confidential information
  • Analyses the provisions and impact of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive, particularly in relation to trading over the internet
  • Provides a discussion of the latest cases on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations
  • Considers the legal effect and drafting of whole agreement clauses and exclusion of liability for precontract misrepresentation in the light of the Court of Appeal decisions in Springwell and AXA
  • Discusses signature of contracts and completion of transactions by electronic means
  • Provides a detailed discussion of and analysis of the relevant cases relating to the Eisudem Generis Rule
  • Covers the latest cases relating to non-binding heads of agreement
  • Studies the provisions and impact of the new EU Directive on late payment of debts

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