Malaysia-Election to Bar Council 2016/2017

Election to Bar Council 2016/2017


Circular No 204/2015
Dated 17 Sept 2015
To Members of the Malaysian Bar
Election to Bar Council 2016/2017
Pursuant to section 49 of the Legal Profession Act 1976 ("Act"), nominations for the election of 12 members of the Bar Council for the year 2016/2017 may be made and must reach the Bar Council Secretariat during the month of October, on or before 5:30 pm on 31 Oct 2015 (Saturday).  The nomination form is enclosed.
Please note that section 49(2) of the Act provides that every nomination of a candidate for election shall:
(a) be of a person qualified to be a candidate under the Act;
(b) be in writing signed by not less than three Members; and
(c) name only one candidate and his/her consent shall be endorsed thereon.
Members have to comply with the above requirements, failing which the nomination may be disqualified. 
Pursuant to a resolution passed at the Malaysian Bar's Annual General Meeting held on 17 Mar 2001, each nomination shall be accompanied by a brief write-up of the candidate by any of the proposers.  The length of the write-up shall not exceed half a sheet of A4-sized paper. 
Hard copies of the candidate's write-up and photograph shall be submitted together with a hard copy of the nomination form.  A soft copy of both the write-up (in Microsoft Word) and photograph (in digital format) shall also be emailed to the undersigned at
To ensure safe delivery, nominations should be submitted preferably by registered mail, courier service or hand delivery.  The Bar Council Secretariat will acknowledge the receipt of each and every nomination.  Members are advised to submit their nominations early, and to contact the undersigned by telephone at 03-2050 2010 to confirm that their nominations have been received. 
Thank you.

Rajen Devaraj
Chief Executive Officer
Bar Council
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