Malaysia-July Book of the Month: Mallal's Criminal Procedure 7th Edition

July Book of the Month: Mallal's Criminal Procedure 7th Edition

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About the Book

This seventh edition is a comprehensive analysis of the law relating to Criminal Procedures in Malaysia. In this title, the authors thoroughly discuss the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Codes in each and every chapter, guiding readers through various aspects of the local law as well as in the Indian and Singapore contexts where relevant. It also includes the history and background of each section as well as the similarities to both the Indian and Singapore codes.
Written carefully and concise, the elements and aspects of each procedure are further explained and analysed with the help of annotations which are supported by relevant authorities. This title is definitely a good read for the busy prosecutor or defence counsel.

Key Features

This title includes extensive references to a selection of scholarly works of up to 2012.
• It also includes comparative references to key legislations of other jurisdictions, for example the Singapore Criminal      Procedure Code 2010 and the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973.
• Noted are some key provisions of the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973 that have been fairly recently substituted,     inserted or omitted by the Indian Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act 2005 and the Indian Code of Criminal      Procedure (Amendment) Act 2008.

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