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Malaysia-Forum on Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Cultural Performance (10 Dec 2014)

Forum on Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Cultural Performance (10 Dec 2014)


Circular No 270/2014
Dated 3 Dec 2014

To Members of the Malaysian Bar

Forum on Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Cultural Performance (10 Dec 2014)

The Bar Council Committee on Orang Asli Rights ("COAR") and Bar Council Human Rights Committee ("HRC") are organising a forum and cultural performance to highlight the human rights challenges faced by Malaysia's indigenous communities, with particular focus on their customary lands, territories and resources.  This event will be held in conjunction with Human Rights Week from 8 to 12 Dec 2014.

The aim of the forum is to increase awareness of critical issues that continue to threaten the indigenous communities' livelihoods, cultures and identities.

Time and again we read reports and public statements on the protection of indigenous peoples and their rights.  The reality is that their rights, particularly in respect of customary lands, are often deprioritised and many a time, ignored or trodden upon.  There are many instances where indigenous peoples are pushed to vacate large tracts of their customary lands, and consequently have to sacrifice their heritage and livelihood for the benefit of others and skewed notions of "development".

The highlight of the forum will be video presentations and the sharing of experiences by indigenous representatives and their lawyers on the tribulations faced by indigenous communities in protecting and asserting autonomy over their customary and ancestral lands, territories and resources.

The predicament of the indigenous minorities is not a matter of grave concern only for them.  As citizens of Malaysia, indigenous peoples likewise possess the rights to life, property and equality.  The violation of any of these fundamental liberties should be an affront to all Malaysians.  It is therefore incumbent on us to continually bring these issues to light lest they do not receive well-deserved scrutiny.

We urge you to come join us in this endeavour to work with, and defend the rights of, our indigenous peoples.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date:                             10 Dec 2014 (Wednesday)
Time:                            8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Venue:                          Raja Aziz Addruse Auditorium, Straits Trading Building, Unit 2-02A, 2nd Floor, 2 Leboh Pasar Besar, 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Registration Fee:          Admission is free but advance registration is required
CPD Code / Points:      T3/10122014/BC/BC141362/4 (Four)

For more information about the event, please refer to the attached programme.

Places are limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.  To register, please complete and submit the attached registration form to Mohd Faizal Mahat, Senior Administrative Assistant, by email at, or by fax at 03-2031 6640.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Parvinder Kaur Harbindar Singh (03-2050 2091; or Glen Kenny (03-2050 2102;, Officers, Bar Council Secretariat.

Thank you.

Yogeswaran Subramaniam            
Committee on Orang Asli Rights        

Andrew Khoo Chin Hock
Human Rights Committee

This circular and the attachments may also be accessed here.


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