Press Release: Malaysian Bar plans major conference to meet challenges of the globalised world

Press Release: Malaysian Bar plans major conference to meet challenges of the globalised world

Press Release
Malaysian Bar plans major conference to meet challenges of the globalised world

The Malaysian Bar will host its signature event – the International Malaysia Law Conference 2012 ("IMLC 2012") – at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, a year from now!  Aptly themed "Asian Perspectives, Global Viewpoints", this next conference will explore the impact of law on business, society and government, through keynote addresses, plenary sessions and inspirational talks featuring globally-renowned speakers.

Previously known as the "Malaysian Law Conference", the series was inaugurated and declared open by the then-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, on 15 July 1973.  Since then, with the rapid advancement of the Malaysian economy and the meteoric rise of Asia, the Malaysian Law Conference has evolved to keep up with the times.  The change in the name of the event echoes the era of increasing globalisation.  Armed with the tagline and brand promise of "Creating Precedence", through IMLC the Malaysian Bar will demonstrate how it aims to be continually relevant and competitive, to be at the frontier for reform of global and local legislation, as well as to expand the breadth and depth of the Asian legal landscape.

We recognise global trends brought about by globalisation.  Among these trends is the rise – sometimes irrespective of local or national boundaries – of global cities.   Such cities will be the engine of future growth.  In this respect, we value and support the strategic position and role of Kuala Lumpur in Asia.

We recognise the increasing approximation and convergence of commercial laws.  It is our hope to work with the government and its related agencies to bring about a radical change that is responsive to global trends, in order to stimulate innovation and economic activity, which are critical components for the future success of a society.

Thomas Friedman, the author of best-selling books "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" and "The World is Flat" introduced the concept of "the flattening of the globe".  He argued that because of technological and other breakthroughs, individuals around the world can communicate, collaborate, and compete with one another, thus heightening the competitive environment.  In response to such an environment, three core values have emerged in IMLC 2012.

1) Innovation – The Malaysian Bar wishes to dispel the notion that lawyers are traditional, unimaginative and overly studious, when, in reality, they are creative, adaptable and multidisciplinary.  We believe that conscious effort, and even sacrifice, is required for innovation, and to push forward and be the front for global change.  We aim to support individuals and corporations who are willing to take calculated risks, not compromise on their vision, and not conform to any conventional yardstick that would limit the power of their own imagination. 

2) Immersion – Through IMLC 2012, the Malaysian Bar aims to provide an immersive method of learning and creating ideas.  In this context, legal consultants, judges, business representatives and experts in various other fields can come together to discuss and provide valuable feedback and critical evaluations to expand the collective understanding of the evolving legal landscape in all fields. We believe that by putting ourselves in others' shoes, we will be able to connect ideas, cover blind spots and appreciate the full scope of the value of law.

3) Inspiration – The Malaysian Bar aspires to restore passion in the legal world, to give insight into how significant even minute jobs can be.  We hope to motivate and illuminate people to use self-recognised opportunities to identify needs before they even appear, and to respond accordingly to bring about the required change.  We believe that this awareness should also be bestowed on society in general, extending the scope of law further to create a more well-informed and legally-sensitive globalised community. 

IMLC 2012 is a conference that reflects the realities of a globalised world, where connections are made not in silos but with a cast of prominent role models, corporate leaders, businesspersons, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, each displaying its own discipline.
Apart from employing an inclusive approach, IMLC 2012 will provide a platform to mobilise plans and ideas into actions, by creating an intellectually-stimulating environment that inspires creativity to flourish.  It will also provide a neutral, safe and non-threatening platform for discussions, debates and deliberation to thrive.  These elements will permit a positive change of mindset, even a paradigm shift that would be welcomed, for an open society is a prerequisite in any meaningful transformation.

We anticipate that IMLC 2012 will draw numerous foreign delegates, who will make up 30 to 40 percent of the total participants.  In conjunction with the conference, an arts festival entitled "Fundamental Freedoms Fringe Fest", and an exhibition entitled "Anything Legal", will be held, both of which will be open to the public. 
The launch of IMLC 2012's logo and website today marks the beginning of another chapter in the history of the Malaysian Bar.  IMLC 2012's logo consists of a segmented circle with gradients of shades of blue. The breaking sections of the circle represent how the law impacts, and is affected by, three large sectors: government, economy and society.  The emblem symbolises a congregation of minds and sharing of ideas in one fluid and environment.

For more information on IMLC 2012, please refer to

Raphael Tay
IMLC 2012 Organising Committee

23 Sept 2011

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