[Malaysian Bar:2850] Press Release: Malaysia must join the international criminal justice system

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Subject: [Malaysian Bar:2850] Press Release: Malaysia must join the international criminal justice system
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Press Release

Malaysia must join the international criminal justice system
International Justice Day is commemorated on 17 July each year to mark the anniversary of the adoption, in 1998, of the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court (ICC).
On 7 June 2010, all members of the Dewan Rakyat unanimously supported a series of 15 motions in the aftermath of Israel's attack on the fleet of ships carrying humanitarian aid bound for Gaza.  The Malaysian Bar supports the call, in two of the motions, for proceedings to be initiated before the ICC against Israel.  Such a measure is appropriate, as the drive to end impunity for crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and crimes of aggression can only be comprehensively addressed if the international community pursues collective action.
The Malaysian Bar urges the Malaysian Government to immediately sign the Rome Statute, and to thereby affirm our confidence in the Rome Statute through our very own membership of the ICC.  One of the ways to combat war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and crimes of aggression and to seek justice for their victims is to make it difficult for the perpetrators to hide from justice.  Signing the Rome Statute is vital, in order to send a clear signal that Malaysia shares the international community's commitment to end the culture of impunity adopted by countries that sponsor or support such activities, and their leaders.
We remind the Malaysian Government that in seeking to become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council from 2010-2013, it stated that "Malaysia has also contributed actively to the realization of human rights in all its manifestations worldwide".  There can be no better way to further actively contribute to the ongoing realisation of human rights than by becoming a member of the ICC.
We look to the Malaysian Government to uphold its commitment to the worldwide community and to the cause of international criminal justice.
Ragunath Kesavan
Malaysian Bar
17 July 2010

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